OK priced shaving soap that doesn't dry skin afterwards?

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    hello guys,

    i am still quite noob to the wetshave world, at the moment i am using the cheapie ARKO shaving soap, i find it makes a really nice lather and gives fantastic glide and irritation free shaving but i feel it dries my face after the shave,

    What would be a good alternative, as in not being an expensive soap, offer a good lather and not drying face afterwards?

  1. Hannah's Dad

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    Value starts and ends with Stirling.
  2. Van der Hagen is pretty cheap and a good performer. You can get Tabac stick (refill) for less than $10. Proraso green is available as C.O. Bigelow at Bath and Body Works, often on sale.
  3. Put some moisturizer on you face before you shave. AKA pre-shave oil/cream
  4. Shannon’s soaps are cheap and very moisturizing. Good scents too. Great lather.
  5. Get yourself some aftershave balm and use any soap you want.
  6. I have quite a time with dry skin after shaves, especially during the cold season. I don't know that it's solely the soap. Still, Stirling does well in post shave compared to others I use. I just shaved with Baker Street and my face feels good and refreshed.

    My only problem is they're very strong in the scent category. If you don't REALLY like the smell, you could be sorry. I typically smell the soap in moustache for hours afterwards. If I were totally clean shaven, I might fair better. It's just my bear to cross, I suppose.
  7. Speick
  8. We all have different budgets but at the end of the day these artisan soups just aren't that expensive considering how long they last and Hannah's Dad provided you a great starting point. Some of these soaps can take on so much water that a quick load can give you plenty for a three pass shave. If you can eventually get a couple in your rotation they can last for years. A little off topic but for the around the same price as a bottle of wine or a small case of beer why not start out buying one you really like instead of one that may get fed up with or even turn you off the hobby.
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    Provence Sante Green Tea is $10, L’Occitane Cade is comparable. Both have Shea butter and great postshave face feel.
  10. Check out Murphy and McNeil. They offer free shipping for 5.5oz tubs of some of the best soap out there.

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  11. Either one of these are hard to beat...
  12. Mitchells wool fat wins this thread. Leaves your skin feeling awesome .
  13. The best face feel I ever had post shave was from Barrister and Mann Latha soaps. Just incredibly creamy, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. Amazing soap. Why oh why did they discontinue it??

    There are a few in my rotation that are nice, but they aren't quite up to the standard of the B&M Latha. I wish I could find a replacement that was just as good.

  14. VDH doesn't dry my skin. Cade and PdP hard soaps provide better conditioning, at a higher price.
  15. Believe it or not the best soap I've used is a cream.
    Palmolive Classic.
    My wife loves how soft and smooth it leaves my skin.
    And it's really affordable.

    Any of the Proraso creams are good too, but they're more than double the price of the Palmolive.
  16. troy

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    Another vote for VDH, deluxe is easily my favorite cheap soap I've tried. If you want to spend a little more WSP is great and a $15 puck last me forever, so it's still pretty cheap per shave.
  17. Williams soap - is one of the slickest soaps out there and probably the cheapest too. I get it at Wegman's for $0.99 a puck. They last me between 4-5 months but YMMV.
    I add a dab if Cremo to the puck and get wonderful, slick cushion of lather. It mosturizes the skin as you shave.
    You might want to give Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm a try. It absorbs quickly, mosturizes and soothes the skin, is not greasy and does not contain any alcohol.

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  18. Give Cella a try.

    If you like the way it performs. Then a Kilo will be in your future as it's quite economical.
  19. +100

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