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OK, I think that I am done.really

Pipe acquisition disorder is one of the most insidious of all the ADs that I have been exposed to within the B&B forums, but at long last I believe that I have stabilized (I wont be foolish enough to state, “cured”). The last two pipes purchases were winners, good looking /good smokers, and their addition to my stable finally has me looking at what I have, instead of what I am missing.

Active Duty (in order of acquisition)
1. Peterson, System model #314
2. Peterson, Yeats
3. Jobey Asti, model #355
4. Tracy Mincer “Doodler”
5. Tanganyika meerschaum lined standing poker
6. Mr Brog, churchwarden #16
7. Stanwell, Hans Christian Andersen II
8. Peterson, red spigot, XL23

9. Oldenknott Patras; dropped, broke and then tossed into the firepit in a moment of despair

Of the active duty, I really only rotate through three or four: Tanganyika, Peterson System, Peterson spigot and Stanwell HCA II with the churchwarden stem. The Oldenknott would have been in the mix if not for that unfortunate drop and breakage – it smoked really well.

The rest I will hold onto and use occasionally. Every pipe I have purchased has been because it interested me visually, so even if they aren’t my favorite pipes for smoking they still have decorative appeal.

Now to straighten out my tobacco situation; I have purchased a bunch, but I have kept to the Frog Morton because I really like it. Time to broaden my horizons and start rotations
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