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Ok Brits, Earl Grey... milk, lemon, or black?

I'm not British but I lived a bit in both Ireland and England and have had my share of teas. I drink both my EBT and my EG with a splash of milk but no sugar. Occasionally in the summer I will use a bit of lemon with either just to add some zest but even when it's 100F here in the States I usually still have an afternoon cup of EG, hot, with a splash of milk, every afternoon. My favorite EGs are Williamson's, Fortnum and Mason and St. Dalfour. In the winter, I like to add a splash of Irish Whiskey to my blacks and will still add a splash of milk, but continue to refrain from using sugar. My daily black is Barry's but I also frequently drink Ty-Phoo, Lyons, Fortnum & Mason, Lifeboat (Williamson's), Brodie's and others. Adding mile gives the tea a little more body without making it bitter and also takes a little edge off of the acidity. I like mugs of tea, not cups.
Okey i'm from Ireland. came here at 8 years old,went back to trinity after i came out of the marines(Semper Fi).
Ireland has the HIGHEST tea consumption per capita in the world, Even greater than China.
We like our tea strong with milk ,maybe sugar(just milk for me)The best tea is Lyons green label.
I drink tea black, no extras.
Earl Grey tastes foul to me too (I tried hard to like it, after all my name is Gray!) Give me some Darjeeling instead.
I've also found lemon in tea to be rather silly. Doesn't enhance the taste to me, and can quite easily make it vile.
It is really funny how tastes differ so much. I am not a big fan of Darjeeling but normally have a cup of Earl Grey once a day. I will often add milk, rarely sugar, and if I have a cold then I will add some honey.