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Oil on top of soap?

I don't want to throw a soap maker under the bus, because this is probably my ignorance, so I won't say whose soap this is.

I was sent a sample of a soap I really liked, so I bought a tub. I decided to take what was left of the sample and add it to the new tub of soap. I haven't used the tub yet. I opened it today, to get a whiff of the amazing smell admittedly, and noticed a somewhat oily substance on the surface. I hope this doesn't mean my soap is going rancid? Did I make a mistake by putting the sample over the new soap? Is this normal for some soaps? Appreciate the advice.
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I've seen this happen with Mike's. Can't explain, but I'd guess the large amount of unsaponified fats and no preservatives have something to do with it.

No big deal with the early stage oozing...yet. Rinse it out with some hot water. But they will eventually turn dark brown and smell weird. Throw away when that happens.

My stance: preservatives are there for a reason, I try to buy soaps with at least a modicum of self-preservation. For those "all naturals" I still have, leave the cap off for at least 24 hours after using.
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I had a soap that looked like that. I emailed the soap maker, he advised me it was their older base from a few years prior (didn’t realize that when I bought it from Pasteur’s) that was softer and it had separated, they made the base firmer now, elevating this problem. The soap maker said I could mix it up and let it dry with the lid off for a while and it shouldn’t affect the performance but being the stand up guy he is, he sent me a new tub in the current base to replace it the next time I made an order from his site. I’d email a picture to the soap maker just to confirm but my guess is that the oils are separating.
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I often combine samples with a jar too, so you did nothing wrong there. If you still like the soap, I’d grab a spoon and just mix it up and use it.
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