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Oh the burn...

I hate Feather blades in my DE :cursing: . They require way more concentration than I have available after a long day (I shave at night). Usually I put merkur blades in my '40s SS, but tonight I figured why not go for an extra close shave and use the Feathers. Dumb move. The a/s splash I use only gives a mild tingling sensation after a merkur shave, and I enjoy the tingling and what the alcohol does for my skin. My skin is fairly oily and the alcohol helps keep my face from feeling as greasy as it would if I used a balm. But tonight the alcohol burned like hell. My face turned red felt like it was on fire. I shaved like I always do, and I guess my technique isn't perfect, but the merkur's never give me any trouble. I threw the feather blade away after just one shave. Maybe sometime in the future, when I've forgotten how bad the a/s burned, I'll give the feather another go, but until then I'll be using only merkurs.
It might just take some getting used to the differences. I switched to Feathers in my HD as a test and they even seem to like a slightly different angle in the same razor for me. Probably just the "feel" of it.
And it may have been a bum blade. I have Israeli Personna blades (about 200), Derby blades (around 200), Feathers (100) and Wal Mart Personna blades. The Feathers are the last blades I reach for. Having said that, I have a few razors I have not tried the Feather blade in. Each razor/blade combination may give different results. I still need to drop a Feather in my Slant. But when I consider doing so, I just pick up a straight razor.


Nice. That's not the first time I've heard that the Feather/Slant combination is the ultimate in DE spookiness. :biggrin:
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