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Oh that last pass…

...be mindful; it's the one you'll be living with all day…

I must admit until a couple of weeks ago I used to treat the last pass, the cleanup pass, as a necessary evil to rush through and have done with my shower. No more.

Since I've been treating that last pass as the most important part of my shave I have gotten better, less irritating shaves consistently.

Another lesson learned, or remembered, I can't tell which.
Oh, yeah, I can get a SAS with one pass, CCS with two, but all those weird multi-directional micro stubblies need that extra buffing pass for the BBS.
I can't stand to stop until I can't feel any more stubble, so I feel your pain. I end up doing a lot of buffing and clean up, and sometimes I pay for it. Most of the time I do alright, but once in a while I get stung. It's my OCD that won't let me walk away after 2 or 3 passes if there are a few trouble spots left. It gets worse as I get older.
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