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Oh no! What happened to me!

Wait wait wait! Wait a minute wait a minute! I stropped the razor before my trip, and this was the first shave I had with it. If I strop it a day ago, I shouldn't need to strop it right before the shave right?

One of our members of the intelligentsia can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe oxidation is constantly happening due to moisture in the air. Before you even put your razor away, the steel starts to oxidize. Once that happens, your edge is in a perpetual decay until the next time that you strop it. If you're going to somewhere with a humid climate, that could make the oxidation go even faster, which in turn hurts your edge even more. Many old barbering books and straight razor inserts recommend that you strop both before and after a shave. It's likely meant to deter the inevitable oxidation that occurs while your razor is stored away.

I use the linen/canvas strop because it does a better job of removing that microscopic layer of oxidation than leather alone. In doing so, it gives me a better shaving edge and an edge that last for more shaves.
I always strop my razor before using it. Even if I stropped it after the last use. It's just a good habit to be in.
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