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Oh No! R.I.P Mr. Peanut

Such a shame...and so young too. You'll always be my legume.

Rest in Peace My Friend (watch out for squirrels)

By Erica Chayes Wida - MSN Lifestyle - 22 Jan 2020

Mr. Peanut, the dapper Planters icon, is dead at 104

"It's a sad day for anyone who has ever truly loved a legume. On Wednesday, Planters announced it has killed off the iconic Mr. Peanut for the sake of good television.

The snack company revealed that Mr. Peanut's untimely demise occurred following a horrible car accident with his friends, actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh.

The three men (or two men and a monocle-wearing legume) were taking a road trip through winding, desert canyon roads when an armadillo caused the NUTmobile to swerve off a cliff. The three travelers ended up hanging from a small branch high above a canyon.

As a final act of heroism, Mr. Peanut purposely fell to his death in order to save Snipes and Walsh. He died respectably still wearing his top hat.

He was only 104.

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"[Planters:] "Naturally Remarkable". Company Slogan
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