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I am now a "true" wet shaver having taken the plunge and purchased a Merkur Progress just a few days ago. I have been "wet shaving" on and off the last few years but only now am I truly into it.

Here is a list of items/products I am currently using but I hope to change that by trying others. I am particularly interested in the Trumpers line and comparing it to T & H. Has anyone in the group tried their Lime line against the T & H? I know it is all personal preference but I would love to hear any input.

Razor: Merkur Progress

Brush: Truefitt & Hill (T & H) 4 inch Regency Shaving Brush

Pre-Shave: T & H Pre-Shave Oil

Shaving Cream/Soap:
T & H West Indian Limes Tub of Shaving Cream
T & H West Indian Limes Tubed Shaving Cream
T & H Rose Tub of Shaving Cream
T & H Rose Tubed Shaving Cream
Art of Shaving Citrus Hard Shaving Soap
Creed Green Irish Tweed Hard Shaving Soap
L"Occitane CADE Hard Shaving Soap
Musco "Real" Tubed Shaving Cream
Palmolive Tubed Shaving Cream (red tube)

(I have quite a rotation going on here but I am sure there are others who are using a much larger rotational lineup, am I starting to sound like a pitching coach?)

After Shave:
T & H West Indian Limes After Shave Balm
T & H West Indian Limes After Shave

T & H West Indian Limes Cologne.
Green Irish Tweed

And various other brands of cologne of which I won't bore you (I might have said too much already!) with the details. Overall I LOVE the T & H West Indian Limes line. I have the other shaving creams and soaps just because I had the opportunity to purchase them and did so. For example, I just happened to be in a CVS yesterday and saw the Palmolive so I picked it up just to be able to try it and to be quite frank with you I think it is really good!

I hope to become an active participant and poster in present and future chats and postings.



PS: What is the SMF forum which I have seen alluded to here?
Welcome Joe!

You do have quite the "beginners" kit! All very nice. Hopefully someone can help you with your "limes" question, as I have only sampled the T&H limes. That is some nice stuff!

Make yourself at home and have a great time. Ask questions and participate freely!


First of all, welcome to the family of B&B. It looks like you have jumped into wetshaving with both feet! You already have some great products and there's little doubt you'll have more in the near future.:thumbup1:

For me, I give a slight edge to Trumpers vs Truefitt & Hill although I have not compared the two limes. (I'm betting Ron has however....Ron, your thoughts?) Most of Trumper's creams would be at or near the top of my list, their soap would be near the bottom for me personally.

Enjoy the forum, post frequently, and share your successes, daily shaves, and goodies that just happen to show up at your house!:biggrin:


PS - The answer is shavemyface.
Welcome to B&B, Joe. That is a nice rotation you have there!

If PoshRichM checks in, he is a huge fan of the T&H Limes and can share his wisdom. I have only tried the Trumpers, and I didn't care for it - way too light a scent.

If you want the ultimate intensely lime-scented shaving product, though, you must get a tub or stick of the QED Fresh Lime. It is truly unreal.

Your current rotation would suggest the addiction has already gotten a foothold... :ihih:

BTW, you asked a question about the SMF forum. That is another website dedicated to shaving (www.shavemyface.com). Many of us (myself included) frequent both sites. Much of the information is redundant, but what the heck - it's all good stuff!

However, we DO have a cool DVD! :001_tt2:
I too am a big fan of lime. I urge you to try the Castle Forbes essential lime oil shaving cream. It's not only my favorite lime cream, it's my favorite cream, period. Their limited edition limes cologne is fantastic as well, but I think they made only 300 or so bottles and it's getting harder to find. Spendy, too :frown:

Thank you all for your warm replies, I already feel quite welcomed! I will be posting my experiences with some of the T & H hair products. I have been using them a little less than 2 weeks and all I can say is R E F R E S H I N G!
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