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Oh my! I forgot I had this! Just found it when cleaning the bathroom cabinet earlier!

Good evening again all fellow shavers.

Something I forgot I had and found it by sheer chance when I was sorting out the bathroom cabinet earlier, my Gillette Fusion razor. I remember buying it just to see what all the fuss was about a few years ago. I used it once; never again as it nearly tore my face to ribbons. Even my Mach3 gives a better shave than this.

I had been a Mach3 shaver for many years when the five-bladed nonsense showed up. I tried it but had a heck of a time getting around my Adam's apple and under my nose. Yes, it has the edging blade but it's also on a moving head so it wasn't what I'd call accurate. My wife still likes them but let's just say I'm very happy to have discovered wet shaving.

For the record, I still don't think Mach3 is the worst razor on the planet. I don't love the cost nor the waste but I could honestly see using a decent soap and brush with a cartridge wouldn't be the end of the world, say on vacation for instance.
I've never tried the Fusion razor. I went from a Mach3 to a DE razor. This post reminded me that I still have my Mach3 razor. I won't get rid of it, it was my first razor.
I used both Mach 3 and Fusion 5.
The Price of the cartridges is insane, the result of using both in a single ATG pass is about the same as a single ATG pass with a DE for me. I never gave that much thought and was quite happy with the result but now that I've been de shaving for a while, a 3 pass with DE is alot better. My wife actually enjoys kissing me now... At least thats what I like to tell myself.
I have one of these! Y'all know I'm not one to exaggerate, so trust me when I say it gave me a facelift while I shaved! True story doggone!

Werstest part was shaving my forehead.
And I always assumed your incredibly handsome face came naturally
I think that I am fortunate in abandoning cartridges after the 3 blade version... My experience with each added blade became more expensive and less satisfying for results. I still have a 2 blade Bic for occasional trimming but, 99% of it is now DE except for occasional air travel.


FarmerStan the Man
And I always assumed your incredibly handsome face came naturally
Oh NO! My dear mother was frightened by a "toady frog" while pregnant with me. I came out lookin' like a swamp monster. I was so ugly the townsfolk passed the hat and paid for plastic surgery just so's I could go to skool!

As nice a fella as @Chandu wouldn't even walk to skool with me until they took the bandages off.

Good thing my folks had my marriage arranged before I was born! The lovely War Department thanks my mom to THIS DAY!

ALL of the proceeding is mostly true, doggone.
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