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Oh it's BAD..SBAD that is.

Well I was contemplating the purchase of a 24mm SR, when I popped on over to the Shavemac site, where I decided that for a couple bucks more, I could order two brushes:eek: this would be the only way to solve my curiousity about the different badger grades offered. So on the way are the following.
23mm in pure badger ( blue handle )
23mm in finest badger ( pearl handle )
This will complete my trifecta of Shavemac brushes in, pure, finest, and silvertip.
SBAD is my worst disorder for shure.:lol: :lol: :lol: :biggrin:
Cheers, DJ.
You've got it bad dude. I myself have the 102 and the 22579, although the 22579 is about to take a trip home for repairs. Excellent brushes which you are sure to enjoy.
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