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Oh happy day!

I arrived home from work tonite (yeah, I get off work at 1 a.m.), and a package was sitting on my doorstep. I couldn't wait to open it.

Thanks to everyone here and Ristretto Roasters, I now have two bags of coffee beans (Ethiopia Marrar and Sumatra Mandheling), a new coffee mug and 5 new Derby blades. I would already have the coffee brewing, but I need to get some sleep. So I plan to break into it tomorrow. I also plan to let one of my coffee freak pals to sample some, too, and together we'll try to put a good review together.

Thanks again to everyone involved. I really appreciate it.

Another Harrar fan here. And I even got my bro-in-law to try it (he formerly a Maxwell's fan). He loved it. I told him the name came from the first drinkers, who took a sip and exclaimed, "Harrar!" So as we drank, we'd occasionally say, "Harrar!" :smile:
I was also luck enough to win a gift from Ristretto Roasters. Thank you to everyone here at B&B and at RR. I'll be trying it tomorrow. I'm sure I'll love it.

Another good coffee available online is the Jacobs Kronung. I've gotten where I won't drink American coffee anymore, and order a bag for the house when I go back on vacation so I have some available...
Looking forward to the review Bryan. I have the Ethiopia Harrar (enjoying a cup right now), Sumatra Mandheling and the Mexican Chiappas. All of them are excellent.
The Ethiopian Harrar is excellent! My wife even liked it, and she's not really much of a coffee drinker. I don't have the expert's palate or vocabulary to give you the professional review, but it is great stuff. I'm letting my coworker give it a shot, too, and I know she'll love it. I'll give the review a go after I open the other bag. Thanks again to everyone.
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