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Official Thank You thread to Tim for the QED Rose Project

I think Tim (username TimmyBoston) is worthy of a new "thank you" thread for all his hard work getting the QED Rose soap group-buy together. If you read some of the other threads on this topic you'll see a lot of questions about the soap, the details of the buy, shipping status, etc.

Let's not let all that stuff in the old threads pollute the praise and thanks Tim deserves for his efforts on this project. This thread is open for business for thank you's.

Tim - I got my soap today and I heartily thank you for all your efforts to make this happen. You "hearded the cats" and got a lot of people a lot of great soap. Thank you!

In the words of the immortal King of Cartoons: Let the cartoons, er, thank you's begin ..........
I got mine today. Nevertheless, I insist on polluting this thread with praise for Tim. Thank you sir.
Thanks again Tim! I think this project ended up being a bit bigger than originally expected (especially for the work that was required of you). It is much appreciated!
Tim, got my soap today. Cannot wait until tommorrow to use it. Thanks again for coordinating tis project. You did a fantastic job. :a50:
Shalom, Tim!

My QED Wild Rose shaving soap arrived in this afternoon's mail. When I unscrewed the lid, I was hit with a really WILD ROSE fragrance -- the smell reminded me of the intensity upon breaking the seal on a jar of Nescafe "Espresso Gold". What a shmuck I was... I should've bought two or three, instead of just the one... sigh

So, three cheers for you, Tim, and much appreciation for your tireless work on this project -- I can see, now, that it truly was a "labor of love" on your part, and I'm grateful to you.

I can hardly wait to read tomorrow's SOTD postings!! :thumbup:
I'd like to say thankyou very much for taking time out of your life to cater to our unsatiable appetite for anything shave related. That being said i hope all those naysayers havent deterred you from doing this for us again, I think you caught way too much flak for doing us a favor....Thanx Tim!!!:c6:
I thought I would take my nose out of the jar long enough to say WOW this stuff is great .Thanks Tim! I bought 2 jars and no way is it going to be enough unless Charles at QED decides to add this to his roster of stock soaps. Hummm!


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An awful lot of work went into this project- great job! :thumbup1:

Tim definately had to step into a phonebooth and turn into his alter ego for this one.
Hi Tim,
Got my soap today and wanted to thank you for making this deal a very pleasant reality. The scent is really quite nice, and I'm looking forward to using it soon. Your energy and effort put towards bringing this together is truly appreciated. Very nice of you.
I'm so greatful Tim that it'll be my shave of the evening (rare). And I had to treat myself to something special afterwards!! Wish I could send you a snifter-full for your troubles... This one's for you Tim!!!
Got mine today! Thanks!!!

I just lathered it on the back of my hand. WOW!! This is soap lathers like gangbusters! The back of my hand still smells great half an hour later! WOW! WOW!
Mine was waiting for me when I got home today. Love the scent. Tim - really appreciate your hard work & pulling this together for us.

Mine arrived today, and I can't wait 'till tomorrow; I'm shaving tonight.

Thanks for all your time and effort into this project. I know I speak for a lot of us in saying that we appreciate what you have done. And I hope it comes back to you. The rest of us need to make that happen.

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