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Official Single Edge September (SEptember) Thread


I shaved a fortune
AC, GEM, Injector, DE blade used in a SE razor (E.g. Jones Shake Sharp), 1/2 DE blade, plus a number of discontinued SE format razors that others have resurrected through various means.

I'm looking forward to seeing the huge variety! :)
I wasn't trying to limit the possibilities... I was trying to convey my own interests... not very well, it seems. <eg>
Count me in. I love injectors, but I'm currently using a Hawk v3, regular safety bar. I have four kinds of blades, Proline, Kai Captain Mild, Feather Pro and Super Pro. I love the Prolines, I have 2 shaves on the Captain Mild, but not sold on it. Still have to try the Feathers.
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