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OFFICIAL B&B Bingo Video Library Edition - 2017 SEASON FINALE

HaHa! That deployment was a lot different, in many ways, than my other.... at a Base run by the Army! Eek!

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What happened?

Go to sleep, when I wake up there are 4 pages to scroll through.
My final was 3 left of course only 2 for 5 today.
Here's what my card looks like:

Just Kidding.
Thanks for the great games guys. See you in 3BSC!
Congrats to Gagi!
Wow, somehow I didn't notice there were three pages of posts here until now. At least this thing is over. Enjoy your popcorn!
Just a reminder Bingo players. @Blaidth is about to call a game in the 3BSC in the Clubs and Brotherhoods. If you played this game you are eligible as well as all former players. Also as an end of season Bonus...... everyone is eligible to win for these last games before Biko Comes home for the auction.... That's right even if you have won a 3BSC game in 2017.... you can win again!

*Note* The 3BSC is just regular bingo, easy as hamburgers!

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