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Off-brand blades: PAL, TREET, GEM , etc.

I was recently at the Nationwide Campus web site, looking for that Injector knock-off they produced (couldn't find it, BTW).

But I noticed they carry a hecka lot of blades. In addition to all the weird off-brand names, packages, etc., they've got PAL single-edge, Treet, Gem, Personna, Atra, Atra PLUS et al.

Plus shaving brushes and MUGS--including my beloved Burma-Shave :001_rolle And geez, I never even saw a can of Wilkinson shave cream in a can!

They also have a knock-off DE (that they have no picture of) for 6.99!?

Worth looking over, it's like going into one of those bargain stores and finding all the weird stuff you never see anywhere else:

http://nationwidecampus.com/brands.asp?scid=Blades%20& Razors

PS--they also carry the AQUA VELVA ICE BALM after shave, that doesn't seem to show up that often...
be aware though,
check the forums for a post on their schick injector clones. they're very cheaply made and even a 40 year old injector has better tolerances. the basic consensus is that they're crap.

i think you'd be much better off with a weishi, a ming shi or a parker (which is made in india) if you're looking for a gillette clone.

david r.
Actually, I was looking for a pic of it to post in another thread--but it looks as though they don't have it anymore. I couldn't find it anywhere on their web site.

Maybe word got around how bad it was...

But they do have a variety of blades and weird things at that site.