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Of town clocks and mantel clocks

My grandparents bought an Ansonia mantel clock for their farm house back in 1895. In the late 1950s their grandson, me, was told that I could have any one thing I wanted from the treasure trove in the attic of that home. I came down with that clock. We took it home and my dad had it restored and placed on our mantle. He had childhood memories of it chiming. Throughout the rest of my childhood that clock chimed the hours away. That was such a memory that twenty-eight years ago my wife and I bought a grandfather clock for our home. I continue to wind it each week and have it serviced. It chimes on the quarter hour as well as the hour. We all love it! And that old Ansonia? I inherited that when dad passed and we still have it.
It was usually just before the news.
The BBC and the World Service have been doing it since the advent of the wireless. It is a series of short beeps, the last one being precisely on the hour, except occasionally I remember hearing the chimes of Big Ben instead.

06:00 pm and 12:00 pm you get the bongs on radio 4.
My bedroom clock is synchronized by a radio transmitted time code connected to an atomic clock. I just plug it on and it sets itself. I'm pretty happy with it.
My dad collected clocks and restored them. I still have a bunch of them tbough none of the mechanical ones presently run. I do have one old Seth Thomas which was electrified who knows when. A neighbor who worked at the phone company gave it to him and it hung in my parents’ garage for years. It was an ugly green color at first. It’s a big old thing. I first hung it in my dorm room. Eventually I stripped off the old green paint. It has a beautiful mahogany case. It still hangs in my family room and keeps perfect time.
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