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% of olive oil in a soap

I was looking at a few soaps that a small producer was offering as shaving soaps, but I noticed that olive oil was listed as an ingredient (along with two other oil types). I've read a lot on here about lack of success in being able to lather almost all soaps made with olive oil (I think there were a couple exceptions noted), so I asked what percentage of the soaps were olive oil, and was told about 35%. It sounds like it might be too high based on the low success rate of olive-oil based soaps people here have experienced; any thoughts as to whether that sounds like to much OO?


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From my experience, when Olive oil is listed even 5th or 6th ingredient, it still doesn't work. The percentage needs to be very low... You could try if you like, it might work well but I doubt it. I never had a good olive oil shave soap.
I have a shave soap that has olive oil and it's from an artisan; the lather is incredible. Just sayin'.
I just tried the Burt's Bees and it has a high olive oil content. It's not intended to be a lathering cream, but rather a lubricating cream. Personally, I don't like shave gels, oils, and lubricating creams, so it's now up for grabs in the Neverending PIF. Hopefully someone who loves those types of products can benefit from it.
I read in their advertisement that Klar's shaving soap for women has olive oil (at some level) as an ingredient. As it is aimed for women, wondering how well it would work for a man's beard and what the addition of olive oil has to do with making it special for women?
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