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October photo challenge. Aircraft

October photo challenge - Aircraft. Any kind of aircraft. In flight or still image.

Rules & Conditions:
Entries should have been taken between Jan 1, 2021 and Sept 19, 2021.
Post processing is allowed.
When post processing is used please elaborate a bit on what you did.
You must be the photographer.
One entry per month.
Contest runs until the 19th of the month.
Voting goes from 20th to the 26th of the month.
Person with the most votes picks the theme for October.

My entry for the month.
Well, I hadn't planned to enter anything this month because I don't feel I have any compelling aircraft images. However as there is only one entry and two full days left to enter, I'll throw up an image to give you guys at least two options. I made this in Page AZ on Old Navajo Bridge waiting for the last the tour flights to land and the Condors to come out. Thinking back on the event, I probably could have composed some decent scenes but I was impatient for the Condors. Anyway this was the last flight and the one that flew by the closest and lowest.

I have hundreds of airplane photos but only a few from this year. I haven’t been on an airplane in almost two years; the longest no flying dry spell of my life. We made a stop by my old stomping ground at Ft. Rucker, Alabama in June and I took this photo at the Army Aviation Museum. It is a Cessna T-37; the primary jet trainer of the USAF for decades. I trained in it in Oklahoma. This example is unique in that it is painted in Army colors. If I recall correctly, it was an experimentAl observation platform.
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