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OCtober 2020

Sun 25th #8TabacOCtober#20 SOTD
Soap Tabac
Brush BOTI 26mm Silvertip
Razor Gillette New SC
Blade Gillette Winner #2
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Clubman VIBR Bootlegged
Excellent lather as usual.
Excellent shave with razor paired with blade. Very smooth and comfortable for 3passes. Between bbs and dfs.
No issues because did not chase for perfection...
Excellent post & aftershave. All in an excellent shave! Rating 9.8/10
OCtober 25


Stirling Glastonbury software (mostly)
Elite Razors Wild Horse Jasper HMW brush
Gillette Single Ring Old Type w/Dorco Titan

Delightful shave this morning. Love the Glastonbury scent and the HMW knot. Total luxury. Old Type is a pleasure to shave with. I really like those streamlined heads. And ..... the Dorco Titan is actually making a play for my “100 Club”.

Have a good one, Gents.


Razor: Schick C1 Magazine Repeating Razor
Blade: Personna Injector
Brush: Simpson's Duke 3 Sapphire Special Edition in synthetic
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Art of Shaving Sandalwood Cream
Aftershave: Shannon's 25th Street Lime splash
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Pinaud Finest powder

OCtober 25 - LC throwdown

>Goodwill 160 replated by Backroads Gold, has the long comb style, loaded with a GSB on its third outing
...climbs in the ring with...
>New LC, very shiny, a treasured purchase from Hannah's Dad, also GSB 3 up

Old Spice mug loaded and face/bowl hybrid lathered with an Ever-Ready brush featuring my top-shedding vintage banded boar knot. It is only a matter of time, at about 20 bristles/shave, before re-knotting ensues.

In a vintage mood....
Two of my shiniest golden boys justified the raves @FarmerTan posts about the LC. No contest, they both won. A smooth, close shave indeed.

I will probably do some bedtime edging of the hedge to sneak a scary foreign slantifed OC into OCtober, but this shave will last a day and not give me much stubble to work with tomorrow.
Two words best describe this razor: easy shaver
Timeless Ti 0.68 OC original finish. Just lovely.
Simpson Chubby 3 Super (go big or go home).
Proraso Red.

I've been shaving on alternate days lately because I can. It's given me justification to pull out the big brushes and use obscene amounts of soap. You can't take the stuff with you, you know. Even with it's popularity, Proraso is underrated.


OCtober 2020 #14
Single Edge Sunday
Razor: @Blackland Razors Vector OC :001_wub:
Blade: Kai Captain Titan Protouch w/Guard (2)
Brush: @Rudy Vey Butterscotch Beehive (Shavemac 24mm 2-Band Silvertip)
Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper
Soap: Santa Maria Del Fiore Sapone Da Barba
Aftershave: Santa Maria Del Fiore Lozione Dopo-Barba
Cologne: European Perfumes Tobacco Vanilla EdP Spray

WTG/ATG/XTG + touch-ups. No nicks, cuts, weepers or irritation.

Outstanding shave! :)
OCtober 25 - evening edging/touch up

slantified NOS Leresche "disposable" / Dorco ST301 (3)
Barbasol 1919

Quick, but not entirely painless. This unbranded razor, made by Leresche, is bottom-of-the-barrel cheap. Perhaps it was popular among French travelers who forgot to pack their good DE razors.

thin 8mm steel handle, thin aluminum baseplate, brass cap
1BE8D933-C52F-40B0-A74E-BE890A8A88CE.jpeg C0B25E30-4940-4A11-AE4C-E03F403D3C00.jpeg
Slantification could not turn this sharp toothed sow's ear into a Valencia. I would never want to attempt a full shave with this item. I discarded the Dorco blade - guilt by association.
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