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OCtober 2019


Muhle ‘13 R41/Shark Premium/Graydog 26mm Gray Ghost/Wholly Kaw Chypre Rose Concerto soap
Wholly Kaw Chypre Rose splash/Amouage Lyric man eau de parfum

What can I say that hasn’t been said already about the R41? Though it is a notch or two below the 2011 version, it’s still no slouch of a razor. Pure excellence and a performer that is second to none. Still has great blade feel just not as much blade exposure/edge reveal as its predecessor due to it’s wider cap span. Still an amazing whisker reducer. Great day and shaves to all.....

Great shave this morning with the Bumpless MMOC with a new Gem SS PTFE and the TNNSER 3D with the same blade. Proraso white pre shave balm. Then Mer Shavings Fougere Orange Dunkys Milk soap, this is my favorite soap. Two band badger by Grey dog and a Witch-hazel After Shave splash.

OCtober shave #9

DE: 15c with Derby blade
Soap: Tabac
AS: Tabac
ASB: Occitane Cade

Another great shave with the 15c. I would just appreciate if the handle could be a bit heavier, I seem to apply some pressure myself instead of letting the weight of the DE applying the needed pressure.
OCtober shave #19
Gillette Canadian New Long Comb
Gillette Wilkinson Sword (Indian) (2)
Proraso Red
Wilkinson Sword Boar
Aqua Velva Musk


OCtober Shave 19

Thick cap ball-end Old Type razor
Gillette Nacet blade (2)
Omega Bigger Bambino Boar Brush
Razorock Orange Sunrise soap
Dickenson's Witch Hazel for AS
OCtober shave #14
Razor: Gillette Single Ring
Blade: Gillette Nacet
Brush: WCS Tortoiseshell Torch Silvertip
Soap: NO Barrbarr
Aftershave: NO Barrbarr
Bowl: CC Copper

Pretty good shave today. One weeper on my lower neck because I stopped paying attention but, live and learn.
20 October 2019
Razor: Merkur 25c
Blade: Astra SP (1)
Brush: Whipped Dog silvertip
Soap: Mama Bear Lavender peppermint
Aftershave: Mickey Lee Jefferson Square lavender

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Shave of the day
Fatip Piccolo SE
Blade : Voskhod #11
Brush: Maseto Silvertip, 27mm knot
Soap: Proraso Sandalwood
ASB: Nivea
1916 Gillette ABC Pocket Edition / Gillette Minora
Sawdust Creation - Oak Hybrid / Tux
Bundubeard / Kameelperd's Kick

  • Muhle R41
  • NOS Wilkinson Sword Chromium (7)
  • Real Shaving Company cream
  • ToBS badger, face lathered
  • Nivea Deep
Absent a couple days from shaving. Used the R41 to remove three days of stubble. Two slow passes and touch up and it did the job. No nicks, no irritation. Funny that I struggled with the Fatip and the Old Type yet can shave with the R41 without killing myself.

Raven Koenes

My precious!
OCtober shave count: (15)

SOTD: :001_wub:
Razor: Fatip Grande c
Blade: Shark Platinum (6)
Brush: Maggard 22mm Synth
Cream: Cyril R Salter Fresh Mint
Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman Virgin Bay Rum
Happy Monday morning everyone. I had a happy shave today. I used Cyril R Salter Fresh mint. Like all CRS scents the scent is natural and blooms nicely when lathering. It also has a nice cooling feeling. It's not anywhere near a menthol cooling sensation, but a very nice cooling minty freshness. If you haven't tried CRS you are missing out on a very nice cream from the UK that punches well above its price point, and can hold its own with Truefit and Hill and TOBS. I think it is better.

My shark blade was a joy to use on shave 6, with the blade flipped for week two, paired with my beloved Fatip Grande. Every thing goes better with my Grande. Pinaud Clubman Virigin Island Bay Rum is always a nice switch up and I love the clove scent on these nice Fall days.
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Yesterday, OCtober Shave #17:
Gillette New SC
Astra SP (New)
Dove +Men
Soap Commander Endurance
Mentholated Witch Hazel
OS Scent AS
Soap Commander Endurance Balm

Today, OCtober Shave #18:
Timeless 95 OC
Persona Red (16th)
Dove +Men Pre-Shave
Tabac Soap
Metholated Witch Hazel
Tabac AS Splash
Tabac Balm
For the start of the week, I tracked down my Version 1 Maggards Open Comb head and paired it with a common bar NEW handle.
The Personna Lab Blue continues to be my daily blade.
Istead of the 100th Anniv. can of Barbasol, I switched to Trumper's Coconut.

To sidetrack briefly, while I can get good shaves from the canned stuff, it is not match for a good cream lathered with a nice brush.

On to the shave: this first version Maggards razor head is very nice, but also very mild, leaving behind some stubble on my neck. I didn't obsess over it, but I might just order the Version 2 open comb head to see how it compares.
Hi! I'm new to wet shaving and love old things. This morning I tried a new razor I got.

British Gillette New Type (no cracks at all and nearly perfect plating)
well used Astra SP
organic Olive/castor oil pre-shave
Speick shaving cream (the red/blue tube)
Lavera after-shave balm (little alcohol and because of allergies free of witch hazel and tee-tree)
Cold water (free of razor burn since I use cold water and changed the direction of the shave to better follow the grain)
PS: Muehle badger brush (I think it is the silvertip badger)

I bought a styptic pen some days ago and it is really working. I haven't cut myself since I own it.
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OCtober Shave #15

Gillette New Improved Standard Razor - 1922
Gillette Silver Blue (5)
APShave Synthetic Horse Hair 22mm Brush
Old Spice Shaving Cream (modern in tube)
Old Spice Shulton Brand AS

Decided to start the week "smelling like a man".

Well, this will be the last OCtober shave with this razor, binning the blade and I am going to break out my New SOC. I once again used the razor as if it were an Old Type and got an irritation free BBS shave. BUT, I still got weepers along the jaw line on the right side of my chin. They were gone with the cold water splash, but they still happened.

No irritation, a smooth BBS shave, I should be happy, but in a weird way, I am disappointed. Those weepers.... I think I could get this razor dialed in, but I have 3 razors in my cabinet that I can get DFS+/BBS, non-irritation and non-weeper shaves day in and day out. I find I am loosing motivation to work with this razor and want to go to 1 of those 3 razors, my New SOC.

Would I recommend the New Improved? I only used it 5 times, so I don't think I can say its a great razor or a difficult hard to use razor. All I can say at this point is I will likely set it aside and come back to it in a year or so.

hAvE a GrEaT oNe! ShAvE oN!