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October 2014 Acquisitions.

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Muhle Silvertip Fibre 25 mm with faux horn handle. The 21 mm just isn't big enough . . . :thumbup:
Pretty happy with my current supply of shaving gear, so I'm waiting for items to be delivered for my other hobby >

Heinie EZ-Lock LEDGE QWIK Straight Eight Night Sights for my Heckler & Koch P30s
Federal HST 124gr JHP
American Eagle 115gr FMJ
I'm cheating a little bit because they are already delivered. I got a vergulde travel boar brush and a alum block, a vp reindachs badger brush, an EJ DE 89ll and a jaguar jt2 shavette (first straight).
Schick injector blades. OK, I know that's not very exciting, but I scored and E-2 a while back on eBay. It came with some 1960's blades. I was disappointed on the shave, it just seemed rough and tugging. Hopefully, a pack of fresh blades will give me the shave I have been reading about with this razor.
I just ordered a Captain's Choice Lather Bowl. I am a face latherer but I couldn't resist. Maybe I will have to try this bowl lather stuff!

My first Wacker, Trumper's almond cream, some naguras to rub on my Ozuku (I guess this sounds weird to someone not using hones)!
RazoRock Don Marco AS
RazoRock Don Marco ASB
RazoRock The Freedburg AS
RazoRock XXX ASB
100 Feather Blades

All courtesy of the Italian Barber...
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