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Ocean Jasper Finishing Stone

Update on my 5/8 straight razor from my Ocean Jasper:

I refreshed the edge a few days on the Jasper. I slurried it with 600 grit Diamond plate and worked the slurry for about 7 minutes. I then finished on standing water on the stone for 3 minutes. Stropped 25 linen/60 leather.

The shave: Wow!!!! This is all I can say. It was buttery smooth and keen. I was laughing during my shave since I was so giddy.

Now, I went down the rabbit hole buying other stones and this stone by far has my best edge yet. I have been in this hobby for a year. I struggled to get a good edge on this exact razor and boom! The Jasper truly upped the game.

I messaged the owner of the businessto tell him about my success and he gave some pointers. He said that I could finish on running water to get a touch more keenness. He also said this Jasper resembles a coticule in a way but with a touch more punch. I have to agree since I own 2 coticules and this Jasper definitely feels better.

If you are a straight razor user, I would highly recommend Gabriel’s ocean jasper. I lapped both sides with Sic powder up to 800 grit. It is no gimmick, folks. It is slamming dope!

If you want to know where I bought this stone, you can PM me.


I Waxed The Badger.
I suspect that the longer honing times these natural stones require give you more opportunity to "f" up your angle and allow you to convex your edge slightly and may contribute to a better shave. Diamond paste on the other hand is so fast and clinical that it's at the opposite end of the spectrum.
Beautiful! How are the edges and what do they compare to?
The edges produced do not feel as smooth as on other natural stone. More like a synthetic. Agates do not cut very fast, so it is more of a polishing. The one that does cut fast is the ruby, but it is only about 5k in grit, so not appropriate as a finisher.
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