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Obsidian razor

Hadn’t seen that. Would like to see close ups of the stone and edge. Seems it wouldn’t be a straight edge.

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I remember seeing that a few years back. I always thought it was pretty neat. Would anyone here try it?
I remember seeing that a few years back. I always thought it was pretty neat. Would anyone here try it?
I have. It'll shave if you knap the obsidian carefully. In all honesty, the time and effort used to make it aren't worth the end result, unless you're making them to sell.
I've knapped a few knives and razors from obsidian. The edge will not be straight. Will it shave? Yes.
But technology has given us much better.
I still have a faint scar from my early attempts at knapping obsidian. Those flakes can be so sharp you'll notice the blood well before you relizing you've cut yourself.
Shaving like your grand, grand, grand,...........,grand dad 🤣.
Seems rather daring to me, and
also without a mirror afai can see.
definitively badass!
In any of the clips I have seen, Obsidian is used to shave off a lot of beard. And it looks like the job is done. Is it a close shave that could work on day worth of stubble? I highly doubt it.
Well, considering that obsidian blades are actually (as of 2015) still used in some surgeries, I can see it being usable to cut hair. How Stone Age blades are still cutting it in modern surgery - CNN - https://www.cnn.com/2015/04/02/health/surgery-scalpels-obsidian/index.html
"But there has been little academic research into the efficacy of obsidian blades compared with steel scalpels, and they do have disadvantages: Obsidian scalpels are not Food and Drug Administration-approved"

Haha lost it when I read that
The first video as posted is indeed old-hat. I appreciate his argument, but the problem for me is that he appears to be starting out with an already shaved beard. Hard to tell if anything has really been accomplished in the course of the video. Looks like he's hand-piling on goo from a can sprayed into a beer mug as to lather if that's any indication.
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