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    Does anyone have some experience with this razor? Is it good? How does it shave compared to the Core?
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  1. I think @cyberdog is the person you want :)
  2. The Hybrid is actually pretty good, much more efficient than the Core, smooth, and easy to use. I'm getting 4 good shaves per blade, but haven't used a KAI or GEM blade yet. The Hybrid is a keeper, and I had returned the Core.

    Basically 95% of the Genesis, at a whole lot less money.
  3. Just a little update for anybody considering the Hybrid over the Core or Genesis. Unlike the Core, which gave 1 decently good shave, then 1 meh shave, the Hybrid is good for 3 quite good shaves, and 1 that takes a bit more work on a single FHS-10 blade for me. - I have stiff gray growth, so there's absolutely a huge improvement over the Core I tried in 2017. It's actually possible to get a weeper or tiny nick with a Hybrid, if you're sloppy enough, and press way too much. (I've really been trying different things to see how it responds).

    I also now have a couple of properly modified 'just right' GEM blades, with the correct half-moon enlargements using my dremel.....I see one of those metal punches in my future, just to make it quicker/easier to modify the blades. (Grinding takes a bit of time, and isn't the cleanest way to open up the cut-outs). Loading up a GEM seems to increase the efficiency of the first pass, but keeps the same comfort level and ease of use. Still really a 3 pass shave, but a very easy and quick one, no buffing required. If you're expecting Timeless 95 OC, R41, or Fatip efficiency, not going to happen, but if you're looking for Gillette Slim on maybe 7, or Rockwell, with total comfort, she's a joy to shave with. Close in efficiency to my Schick M1 (I use setting 7), but more comfortable, if that helps put it in perspective. Also a heck of a lot easier to use than my GEM Junior. especially around the mouth and upper lip.

    I'll still use my M1 Injector, and various DEs, but the Hybrid may now my go-to weekday shaver, it just gives such a nice close and comfortable shave, even half asleep on those earlier mornings. I plan a comparison shave using the Hybrid on one side, and another razor on the other in the coming weeks.

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