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    So will be making my 1st trip to this mega city the 1st weekend of April!! Will be stay in the Soho area. We will only be there Friday-Monday.
    Question's to fellow WS?
    So the obvious is places to buy (I have herd stories about Pasteur's pharmacy) yes will go there but any other place not to miss?
    Next best pizza place.
    Moving to bagels ???
    Then what restaurant (know there are many) would you recommend in that area?
    And finally want to see a Broadway show any suggestions how not to be bankrupt by going to one? They seem to be expensive!!!
    Thanks so much. I know a lot to see and do. The iconic place I will not miss (statue of liberty, 9/11 memorial,times square, central station and a few more) just opening up suggestions from some helpful people.
    Have a great day.
  1. Ellis Island is worth a visit. If you do the Statue of Liberty it’s included I believe. I found it far more interesting than the statue.
    With regards to your other questions...
    Its New York. It’s all good.
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    Here you go:





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    9/11 memorial/museum for sure, very emotional, but it is a must visit.
  4. 9/11 is a must see. The names of all of those who perished are inscribed in the granite perimeter. Every little bit there will be an American flag stuck into a name. That is because on that day it would have been their birthday had they been alive. Somebody is in charge of that. It is magical how the water just cascades on and on out of sight, so symbolic.

    Pasteurs has two locations and you really don't need to seek out another once you have been there. Leon is one of the owners - tell him you heard about him on B&B. Good guy.
  5. You have limited time, so lever off of that and also experience things only available in NYC. You could skip breakfast and try Katz’s (iconic NY deli) or Yonah Shimmel’s (best knishes in the world) for an early lunch. Try also Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown for soup dumplings that are out of this world good. These are all relatively close by to SoHo.

    I would skip the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; it will kill a whole day. Save that for your next trip when you may have more time. Nothing will beat walking around the streets of SoHo and the East Village on a nice spring day for a NY experience.

    Nothing in NY will beat Pasteur’s. Go to the 34th Street location and combine that trip with a visit to the Empire State Building observatory.

    Too many high end restaurants to even talk about. You could consider a trip to the MoMa and then dinner afterward at the Moderne. Afterward, and not too far from there, the bar in the Carlyle for late night jazz is also a great experience.

    Pizza: Arturo’s on Houston. It’s a restaurant (not a by the slice joint). But the best pizza in NYC from a coal fired oven. The original Patsy’s in Harlem on first and 117th is a bit far from SoHo but also amazing.

    Bagels: Ess a Bagel or Tal Bagel. Various locations in The City; the bagels are great at all of the locations I’ve been to. Ask for ones still hot or warm from the oven.

    Whatever you do, you’ll have some very great experiences.
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  6. A another good pizza place is Lombardi in lower Manhattan (China Town (mott street)).
    Coney Island, Central Park, and a couple cool museums are great to visit. Shaving wise pasteur is a must and maybe the only place. I heard there is some place in Brooklyn that might sell shaving supplies or razors but I can't confirm that.

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  7. Yes! Another great one, and with a distinction. It is where NY style pizza was invented.
  8. Also there's alot of Chinese places in flushing Queens just caution where you go I would look the places up online. If u love ramen like me or pho your covered. For ramen I like Naruto ramen (upper Manhattan) , and I think there's a more expensive toten ramen in Manhattan. For pho there is pho bang and pho32 both in Manhattan. In Queens there is good Colombian, Peruvian, and Argentinian places. Hot dogs for me Nathan's in Coney Island is top dog. Burgers there's too many spots to name really.

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  9. Many good suggestions already. If for some reason a Broadway show is not possible, stop by Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Many Broadway hopefuls perform while you eat. The food is decent and the atmosphere can be fun. My wife and I enjoyed two meals prepared to stand in line for a bit, however it is worth the wait in my opinion.
  10. True. But the burger at the bar at Keene’s Steakhouse is worth mentioning, it’s great and so is the experience. I think the bar menu is only offered Monday through Friday.
  11. We do plan a show thinking a must do. Just stunned of the price tag over 125 a ticket and on top of that a 50 convince charge. Ouch. Is the best way to purchase we are wanting to go to come from away.
    All these suggestions are just great. Thanks to everyone.
  12. In advance, watch the old movie, The Out-of-Towners.

    Carry your wallet in your front pocket.
  13. I'll be in NYC next week. Wife told me she is going to Pasture's Pharmacy with me to control my spending. I have no restraint. :a52::a52:
  14. Good thing I am sure my wife will do the same I might suggest it ha ha.
  15. Good suggestion!!
  16. Anybody know about this?
  17. Agree. Happy wife, happy life!
  18. Hardest place in the world to just visit for a couple days .. in no particular order, Patsy's Pizza in Spanish Harlem, Ellis Island (if you have relatives that came through there you may find their entry), MOMA ..
  19. Yes I know but it is what it is. Just take in the sights and enjoy what we do.

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