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NYC Penhaligon's in Westfield World Trade Center closing...

I just got an email at Penhaligon's in Westfield World Trade Center saying that they are closing this Friday! That's a disappointment since they are close by to our Tribeca apartment and I liked to stop there and visit with a lovely gal who worked there! It's an upscale location and I'm sure the rent is astronomical but Penhaligon's has the The Rockefeller Center Store which has been there quite a long time and that will remain open and I'm sure the rest is high there as well! Online business is doing a number on big and small businesses alike and it will only be a matter of time before things change even more drastically! I will miss this store but I'm glad I had the enjoyment of visiting on numerous occasions!

The Nid Hog

Moderator Emeritus
That's too bad. There's a Pens shop at the Westfield mall by my house. I'll have to walk over and see what's up with them.