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NYC 65-year-old barber shop

I know that I've seen the link somewhere, but I cannot find it now, no matter how clever my search. It was a link to a NY Times(I'm pretty sure) article on an old barber shop in NYC.

My son is moving to NYC and would like to try a barber shave, and this place sounded like just the ticket.

Does anyone recall the link?
Here it is; don't know if it's still there. AN OLD-TIME BARBERSHOP ENDURES

The fluted milk-glass shakers, inscribed in silver script with ''Lilac,'' ''Witch Hazel'' and ''Water,'' stand on marble shelves alongside bottles of hair tonics and lotions with nostalgic names like Wildroot Cream-Oil, Vitalis and Beau Kreml. The raised letters on the shop's front windows, which reach from the marble tile floor to the tin ceiling, spell out Broadway Barber Shop in gold leaf. They have spelled it out since 1910 when the shop, between 103d and 104th Streets, was opened by an Italian immigrant. Kay Demetriou, its present owner, believes it is the oldest barber shop in Manhattan. Certainly Mr. Demetriou, who is of Greek descent and who began working at the shop during World War II, would never dream of updating the premises. ''My clients,'' he says, ''insist that this should remain an old-fashioned barber shop.''
November 18, 1984 Style News
Well, it wasn't 65 years old, but 93 years old. And it wasn't a newspaper article, it was a video. But it still looks like a great barber shop.

I didn't find it myself, because I was convinced that it was a print article, but a couple of guys on ShaveMyFace.com pointed it out. Enjoy. :001_cool:
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