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NWC Adjustable Injector razor

I finally got to use the NationWide Campus adjustable injector razor. For me it was a flashback, as I used an original Schick Adjustable razor for about ten years, starting in the late 1960s.
First, a couple of comments on the build quality of the NWC adjustable: after hearing a lot of negative comments, I was pleasantly surprised by the actual razor: the best way I can describe it that it is made like the original. The plastic parts are well made, with no burrs or flaws. The chrome metal parts are good, solidly finished. The adjustment knob works well and the safety bar is as straight as an arrow. To pick nits, blade injection was not as smooth as I remember (but it should get smoother with use) and the thin lines on the safety bar could be a tad neater, but they are fine and the razor works very well.
How does it shave? Like all Injectors, it shaves very well, but if you are used to a DE razor, you'll have to open this one all the way. These are (and always were) very mild razors: very forgiving! You can use one in your sleep and not get any nicks. My shave was smooth and confortable, but it took several passes. The blade I used came from NWC and looks like it is of old manufacture. It may not have been as sharp as the day it was made. New blades can be bought from CVS and other places, so I will switch to a new blade as soon as I get some use from the old stock one.
All in all: this is just like the original. There is no difference in the way it shaves and I cannot see how the NOS original Schicks can keep selling for $100+ on eBay, now that you can buy a new one for 15 bucks!
I love it and it makes a great travel razor as it allows one to get a very fast shave and the built-in edge protector is perfect for traveling!
15 dollars well spent!
Excellent, concise review with emphasis on the specifics everyone seems to care about. I guess that disqualifies you for blogging..:001_rolle


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Had my first shave today with the new NWC, fixed head. Build quality was very good- no sharp edges or obvious signs of misalignment. Injectors are a funny bunch for me. This is my fourth, and I'd rate it as the second best shaver, ahead of my two old bakelite models but not as smooth as my 70's long handle model. I'll reserve judgement until I use it several more times, preferably in cooler weather.
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