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November photo challenge

November photo challenge - Wildlife. Any kind of wildlife.

Rules & Conditions:
Entries should have been taken between November 1, 2021 and December 1, 2021.
Post processing is allowed.
When post processing is used please elaborate a bit on what you did.
You must be the photographer.
One entry per month.
Contest runs until the 1st of the month.
Voting goes from 2nd to the 3rd of the month.
Person with the most votes picks the theme for January 2022.

My entry for the month.
I better get off my butt and find something wild and alive pretty soon to take a picture of!! Nov. 16th already. 🤯
Some of the ducks on our local storm water run-off pond. Taken Nov.29th, cropped and slight tweak to light and contrast.
Yes, it's 02 December (UTC) now.

All photos have their strong points and some weak points. I then went through each entry and listed strong points and weak points. From this, I give my vote (just) to @SilentAssassin's entry, the first photo.
Did you mean to vote for #3 (bird) or #2 (snake)?
We vote by the post number not the number of entries. It makes it easier to keep track especially on the months that we get more entries and /or dialogue between entries. Thanks for participating this month hope to see you next month too.
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