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November 2022 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Well folks no shave today, I signed up for GRUBF and BF it is. Went out in style with a tad under $200 Pasteur pharmacy order, a Merkur progress, some brush including a Semogue 1305 for Decemboar and a few AS and blades. No guilty feeling this was a known end to the game and I bought my brother Xmass present as well, a brush, its stand and a full set of Stirling Sharp Dress Man soap, AS and splash, I will likely keep the splash though.

Still some local purchase of AS balm to do and a brush/razor stand and I will be all set for the Gruyere Attempt next year. which also mean 12 month of GRUME as well
That was a waste of time wasn’t it 🤣🤣🤣
Not sure I follow unless you’re talking of the draw


Not pictured is one other TI and a Ralf Aust en route.

Never made it into Milan, deciding to head into Cannes instead - otherwise there surely would be some SV in here as well.

Will be sending the razors off soon for honing and need to source a strop. Other than that, I’m most eager to try out the Apsley.
Not sure I follow unless you’re talking of the draw

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Not pictured is one other TI and a Ralf Aust en route.

Never made it into Milan, deciding to head into Cannes instead - otherwise there surely would be some SV in here as well.

Will be sending the razors off soon for honing and need to source a strop. Other than that, I’m most eager to try out the Apsley.
I was referring to the draw from an English perspective. We’re supposed to be among the favourites. Not on that showing
Day 25, 83.3% complete.

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Enhancement: a few drops of glycerine
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, Nacet #5
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea 2-in-1 Aftershave

Was only planning to have a quick shave, but got a perfect MWF bowl-lather, so I played along with the augury. Performance matched the appearance, with a comfortable near-BBS.
I'm out!

I was eyeing some budget custom brushes to "complete" my rotation, and now I have most of the brushes from my list.

Some badgers, some synthetic and 1 boar knots are incoming along with a few handles.

They are yet to be dispatched, will share the knots after getting them fixed in handles. I do my knotting depending upon the bristle behaviour, and that gives me better chance of feeling satisfied with the purchases. YMMV.


Green Cult V 1.1 and Feather Artist Club razor (non folding)
Pro 500 blade and Feather Professional blade
Shavologist Kailash soap
Shavologist Kailash balm
RazoRock Beehive brush

*No photo, sorry.
365 days of shaving333/329
GRUME26/30 (100%)
26/30 (100%)
Discovery Blade AdventureBolzano 2/3
Timor 2/3
Eddison 2/3

WXTG (2)CB Curve (1)
(NW-SE curving to NE-SW | cheeks and neck)
Gillette Slide (2)
(NW-SE | cheeks & S-N | neck)
ATGStraight & Slanted
(S-N | cheeks)
(SW-NE | neck)

Timeless Ti95 SC
Razorine Flatboy with Red Lasta handle
Eddison (9)
Bolzano (6)
Omega Proraso
Soap & Bowl
Cold splash
Proraso Geen
Proraso Green
Proraso bowl
Cold splash
Face wash with residual lather
Floïd's The Genuine (AS)
Nivea Sensitive (Balm)

8/10 (~20 minutes)9.5/10 (Very minor weeper)
9/10 (BBS)
9.5/10 (Buttery smooth)

Notes to today’s shave:

Still in, but I am definitely feeling urges to buy brushes and soaps. So far so good.

I was so impressed with the doubling of the Flatboy and the Timeless I decided to do a second shave with them. The Flatboy paired with the Bolzano blade made for an effective first pass. Still running smooth and comfortable. One or two very minute weepers on the chin as the Flatboy shows no consideration for anything that is less than a straight surface.

The Timeless took over and I really had to convince myself I had the blade loaded. It was that smooth! Not a full-blown BBS but excellent results for a regular Saturday of running errands and doing some home cleaning.

I sense the blades are nearing the end of their runs. Not there yet so currently still impressed with these blades. Need to give the Timor some TLC next week.
Still out/almost in 💃🏽

My skull skin needed some rest after the Rubie drawing ruby liquid from it. So the Parker Semi Slant got loaded with a Treet 7 Days after three in stead of my usual two days. This excellent mildish slant has proven once before it can be used on fresh damaged skin that has not healed completely. And both razor and blade did as I hoped: none of the scars were damaged again, no irritations flared and not a scratch of new skin mayhem. Not even a pinprick sized.
I have used Tabac a lot in October and for me it works best when dripping wet. Perfect glide plus the usual lovely post skin feel.
Easy BBS, very agreable shave. The nasty doubt nibbling at my confidence vanished like snow in the sun.
Happy shaver here, ready for December GRUME.

By the way @Jack Goossen - I know this is not the best thread to bring it up in, but I see some great razors available at your usual place.

Looked at my bank account this morning and there is no way I'll be acquiring anything for a long time. What started as a logical buy turned into supposedly preparation for a GRUYERE and after that was postponed till January first, I crashed into numerous rabbit holes. Almost frightening how this put a spell on me.
But that's all water under the bridge now. I no longer feel like a kid wandering around in a toy store. Being an adult (sort of) I was able to buy the toy store and now I live in it.
But the best was saved for last. I bought 11 (11!) bakelite and polymer vintages for the price of two soaps. Could't believe my luck. I was sort of out of the feverish frenzy, but stumbled on these. Among them a super rare Merkur white bakelie slant. So, I can look back at my downfall with a lot more satisfaction because of this last lucky purchase.

Day 26, GRUBFering...Still In/GRUME...Still Out


E Jagger 89
Gillette Platinum (25)
RR Big Bruce
Proraso Azur Lime
Post: cold splashes, lavender cream, hyaluronic acid serum and Hydro Boost

Hey Guys
We had a nice rain two days ago, cloudy skies yesterday and more much needed rain today...and it is chilly. I'm not complaining, it is actually nice to have calm fall weather.
The first note was the nice tart scent of the lather. It made its presence known and quickly faded. The lather was slick and had a nice sheen. Skin tightening and slide/slant passes led to a DFS. The combination of moisturizers and Davidoff Cool Water was the start of a good day.

"Take care of yourself and each other." (quoted from Lester Holt)
Still in.
SWS: Vintage Gillette theme

Pre: Facewash with Pears
Razor: Postwar USA Tech
Blade: Rapira Swedish(2)
Soap: RR Mudder Focker
Brush: Keyhole 22mm
Post: Shower then Brut


Tried something different with my soap today. Scooped out a level scoop with my tiny mystery spoon and smeared it in the bowl. Then I scooped hot water into the bowl with spoon, started with 8 level scoops. Went at it with a dry brush and added water as needed (12 scoops). Worked a charm and my touch of OCD appreciates knowing how much water RR Tallow soaps want. Tech gave me a nearly BBS shave with: N-S then S-N and finished with some diagonal almost against the grain strokes on my neck. Great shave!
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