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November 2019 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Head and Face

Timeless Titanium .95OC/Scalloped
Voskhod blade x1
Simpson's Chubby 2 Super Badger
PannaCrema Nuavia Rossa

Great 3 pass shave on both head and face. Nuavia never disappoints. Fantastic scent! This might be a Nuavia and A&E NYC month. Wonderful fall winter scents from my favorite soap bases. Good luck in November Gentlemen. I have no needs.


I'm in! I can't be 13, do to medical field superstition. I've never worked in a Emergency Department with a #13 room. It's a thing. They skip it.
Same thing with most elevators in buildings that go up that high. It's definitely a thing.
Gentlemen, I remind you all that November 29 is the black Friday, followed by the cyber Monday. All vendors big and small will tempt you with fantastic offers on their merchandise, and guilt feel tacitly weaved into their plea of support for brick-and-mortar, or artisan, or both. Simple tricks like unsubscribing from vendors emails won't be enough. Black Friday frenzy will find you, and will offer you great stuff at great prices you can't afford to miss.
Make your informed decision. Need vs. I want that one because it's shiny, or smells good.
For this reason, I will be passing the GRUME. I already have an idea of what to get. It'll be minimal (I hope) but I still want to try couple things. I will be in for December so I am excited to use all my lovely gears without being tempted by what's out there.
I'm rolling over from October but not restocking.

Keep repeating to yourself: I am good. I don't need anything. I already have more than enough. ;-)
I have my first entry on the list of restocking for the next month. Alum block. Mine slipped through the fingers and lost about half its mass on the impact with the sink. The remainder is usable and will see me through this month.

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Well, after a 55 hour work week I haven’t been tempted to break the GRUME by doing any shopping or anything else beyond laying in bed watching sports. But, had to shower and shave before early church tomorrow. A good but easy shave was in order.


The Slim, GSB, my reknotted Made Rite 500PB (Shave Forge 20mm super badger) a freshly opened tube of Proraso Red cream and Avon Leather. Effortless BBS.

Only problem is that that cream is now going to live in a drawer next to a tube of Pepsodent. This could be trouble. I foresee my half asleep self someday either shaving with Pepsodent or brushing my teeth with Proraso and neither of those sounds too pleasant....
SOTD, 3 November
Razorock Game Changer .68
Gillette Silver Blue, seventh and last shave with it
Cella on a Razorock Plissoft brush
Not pictured is my Thayer's Rose witch hazel.

I really enjoy this combo and besides the old type in the photo this is all I have (119 more blades and a kilo of soap left).


I'm only restocking on GRUME. :straight:

Had a glorious lather with the Omega 10098 and Proraso Sandalwood soap today.


  • Antica Barbiera Colla
  • Maggards 24mm Synthetic
  • 1908 Single Ring
  • Nacet (6)
  • WH w/menthol, LTFT
  • Gentlemen's Grooming Black Pepper & Thistle ASB
  • Dominica Bay Rum AS
Knocked out three days of stubble - there was no shaving allowed at Guys' Weekend!
Razor: Gem MMOC
Blade: Gem PTFE (1)
Brush: Stirling 26mm Finest Badger
Pre-Shave: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap
Lather: Cella Crema Da Barba
Aftershave: Murray & Lanman Florida Water
Additional Care: Thayer's Witch Hazel
After deciding to not par-take formally in the November GRUME due to an impending item release, i have of course been playing along in spirit as i don't need anything...other than my.... NEW WOLFMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I broke the cup I soak my brush in because I have a unorganized under the sink storage. Too much stuff stacked. Wife said I could have a shelf in the bathroom closet for shave stuff. So I went out to the shop/garage and found some Oak ply and trim laying around. Thus it was 10 minutes of thought and 20 minutes of construction and 2 beers (I worked nights last night so its OK!) This is what I ended up with. Not bad for the material I had to work with. Nobody will see it. Now... to stain or not to stain tis the question. It's not gonna get wet. Brush gets dried on the sink. May just clear coat with Poly. I'll post pics when it is set on the existing wire shelf.