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Not your typical day at work

One of our customers serves our nation in the armed forces. His life is a crazy one with being so far away from home but Captain's Choice products help keep things normal for him. His job? He gets to blow things up - take a close look at the flag.

Here is what he said about the picture:

Grabbed a pic at the tail end of a dust storm today. Our flagpole is made from an unservicable M61 gun from an F-16 and our 2 up armored HMMWV's are in the background. I'll try to get some pics of us doing some explosive work with your stuff in the background soon.

May God bless him. I served with an EOD unit in 2012 (not as an EOD Officer) and those Soldiers were incredible. They had a very stressful job and performed with incredible honor.

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