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Not your everyday activity - NOS unopened Gibbs #17 set - the opening is near...

Very nice! Leave it as it is, don't be one of those that swaps the handle, lengthens the handle, or changes the balance as they can seem a bit head heavy, and ends up with something that is no longer a Gibbs. Unless you want to of course - it is your razor 🤣 A lovely find Peter 👍
If it does not create any issue for you, can you tell us any details how you came to get this amazing find, and how much it costs?


Thanks a lot fellas! There was a moment there when opening the inner cardboard box that I thought I would rip it...:scared: But thankfully I did not!

Absolutely superb! The post of the year! I even like your watch 👍 First dibs on the razor if you decide it's not for you 😁 Congratulations Peter.
Thanks a bunch as always for your positive and supportive comments, Richard - warmly appreciated! ...And good eye Sir, haha!
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Nice ... you probably should have been wearing some soft white cloth gloves. :tongue_sm

What a score!
haha, DANG IT Doug, I actually thought about that - but then I forgot today in the heat of the moment. My daughter did the camera work and editing (I am a noob, sadly, going to learn now).



Lovely little time capsule, thanks for sharing. What is the function of the small boxes inside the case, blades and used blades?
Thanks Adam! - Yes exactly. Very neat. The blade box is a typical 2-piece with loose lid and the used blades one a quite intricate dedicated design. Sorry, am not at home so cannot post detail photos.
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