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GIVEAWAY! Not so perfect razor give away

I have three razors that are less than perfect and thought I would post this to see if anyone would like to have them.
Left to right: Merkur 37c slant, Merkur Progress (long handle version), and Parker Variant


When I first started shaving with DE razors, I used to soak the razor heads to clean them and prevent soap scum build up.
I found out the hard way that it was not a good idea to do this with Merkur razors as it could compromise the plating.

The Merkur Progress (long handle version) has two spots on the safety bar where the plating has chipped off. There is also a spot near the center hole of the base plate where the plating has chipped as well. The razor works perfectly otherwise.


The Merkur 37c slant has some plating missing near the center hole of the base plate. The razor works perfectly otherwise.


For me, this Parker Variant does not give the same shave from both sides of the razor. One side is more aggressive than the other. I was not able to return the razor. That is the only issue I have with the Variant.

I will ship them as a set to a CONUS address to the first person who says they would like them.

Thanks for reading this post!


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That is why they call it the "Variant"!!!! Becuz the shaves vary from one side of the razor to the other!

It was actually designed for one side to be used on the left side of the face, one side for the right!

This is a true story doggone!

And an excellent PIF! Thank you for doing it friend @GoodShave . And congratulations to @Big_T ! And good of you planning to PIF the others.

I love this place, and the folk's hearts here.
Glad to do it. The 37C is a great razor, I used mine almost every day for probably 5 years back before I retired and had to get a quick shave early every morning.
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