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Not so "G" bar

Hi I'm new to this type of shaving and not long joined. I've been looking for a razor to start with and thought seen as I'm in the UK a razor made in GB would be a good place to start, so after a bit of research and looking through the threads ever ready razors from 1912 were most commonly reviewed or used. I looked through a couple of designs and places to buy but this came up at the right time.



I've looked and it's the brit equivalent of the Gem Heavy Flat Top or G bar ( but without the G ) as in America. It has had good reviews and I'm keen to give it a go, only thing is its in new unused condition and I can't bring mysef to open it yet. Has anyone else had this experience or has anyone else been in two minds as to dive right in to a new box?
Ooh, lovely! Not sure I could open that myself. I bet you could find a used one for less, and hang on to this a while... use it later if you like it, or sell it for a pretty (-ier) penny.
Aye well if you don't use it someone else will at some point....The Heavy Flat Top is an excellent shaver and a great place to start your SE journey...As far as I am concerned too much has been made of 1912s.....There are far more aggressive, smooth and efficient SEs besides the Coveted 1912...:w00t:

The Heavy Flat Top is on the Milder Side of the Spectrum, but nevertheless a great BBS Shaving Tool....The Heavy Flat Top is quite a refined razor and very user friendly ....:blink:

Enjoy It....:001_cool:

Wow - what a find! I'd be of two minds myself. But, unless you want to hold onto it for resell, the earlier you crack that baby open, the earlier you'll get to enjoy it!

Happy shaving!

The G-Bar is a great razor. It was my first safety razor as I learned with a straight razor.
You can use it as a daily driver without fear of irritation or burn. I believe these were manufactured in the 50's.
I'd go ahead and use it. On this side of the pond we call it an E-Bar, for English-made. I have one, as well as a G-Bar, and I like them both.
Slide the cardboard sleeve off, open, use the razor ... leave the blades alone. You can always re-assemble for the appearance of new whenever you like.

Lovely score!

From the Ever Ready camp, these were known as the Natural Angle.
I would preserve that ne and find another for shaving. It has lasted for lo these many years in its original state and with so many others available for shaving, I would feel bad busting this one up.

That's just me and YMMV.

Nice score.
Ask yourself if you are a collector or a user.
If the latter, either open it up and use it for its made purpose, or sell it on to a collector.
There are plenty of G-bars in the world, Nov E-bars are quite a bit rarer.

I'm not a collector, I'd use it with pride.
This is a common dilemma and as can be seen there are two schools of thought. While the "E-bar" may be less common than the G-bar, they are not really rare, so the case can be made to go ahead and use it.

On the other hand, they're not making any more of them, and once used it cannot be "un-used."

If it were mine I'd set it aside and buy another one (or two or three) for shaving, but that's how I've ended up with a collection approaching 100 SE's. :001_huh:

Can't bring myself to open it at the moment. I'm goin to try DE shaving first off as its been recommended by a friend then see hoe I go. Thanks for all the advice.
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