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Not looking for skin conditioning, I prefer simple

I have at this DE game for about 3 years and, like pretty much everyone, have been trying all sorts of soaps, creams, pre shaves, post shaves, balms, etc. The general discussion on this forum when it comes to software seems to be that people are looking for products that add moisture to the skin. Or at least provide some skin enhancing benefits by the time the shave is over.

I seem to be in the minority in that I am looking for products that marginally dry out my skin rather than enhance it. I avoid tallow, lanolin, butters, milks as they all seem to leave me with a skin feeling that I don't like. And on a maybe unrelated note, I am also gravitating to the sharp, simple, citrus scents and avoiding the more complex scents that seem to have more discussion.

My current favorite shave of the day is: shower with a simple face soap on the beard, off to the sink and right into a face lather with MdC Agrumes, 2 passes with an ASD2 loaded with a Kai, and a finish with a cucumber scented Witch Hazel with Aloe. Simple, fast and effective and my skin feels great. Not a BBS but darn close enough.

The only variation is to use a Feather AC SS loaded with a SoftGuard once a week or so; which does give me that BBS that feels so good.
@Jenks You are on the right track with your favorite shave. Ingredients list matter. The more complex and lengthy the higher the probability you will have 'goo' that is literally impossible to rinse off. I have resorted to scrubbing my face with Dawn to rid the super fats and oils left behind by some of the trendy soaps to no avail. Simply had to wait it out. It. Was. Awful. Everyone's face is unique.

MdC is the standard to use for a clean and fine world class shave. The picture below is home. The search for refreshing, clean, non greasy top tier world class shave is over. One US artisan Beehive seems to have a large enough following she is comfortable with the soap and the recipe seems stable. Alhamdulillah!

You'll notice a few Old World shaving sticks. I smash them into a tub or grate Speick in a tub for face lathering as it's just to hard to smash. Everyday I get to decide which soap to use, all leaving my face feeling clean and healthy. That's what it's all about. Everyone's face is unique.

Enjoy the journey!

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I am partially like you. For face I like the best buttered super soap. For head, I find that it makes me greasy. I do enjoy classic scents and I think it is a miss that more artisans don't offer their super buttered soaps in a classic almond! For my head shaves, Cella brick - amazing lather, lasts forever, great scent, leaves my head a matte finish. Delicious!
@Jenks - @old_school and others posting above have made some good suggestions.

You seem to be looking for soaps that are not heavily fatted, and do not contain added moisturizers. As you're seeking stuff that is away from the current trend in artisan soap making, maybe keep your search to simpler ingredient lists. As you favor MdC, if you can live with a very dense, clean and unscented soap, then Canada Shave Soap would be terrific choice for you. It only has one more ingredient than MdC and that's just a second lye. In performance terms, it equals or betters MdC for me. Pricey, but much less than MdC. You could also add a drop or two of citrus essential oil to the unscented lather to customize.

As others have said many non-artisan soaps might deliver what you're looking for. Maybe I missed it being mentioned, but at the lowest end of the price spectrum sits ARKO, really just a good basic soap. I know it's tallow based and has a little glycerin, but it doesn't have any lingering fatted feel on the face and has been reported to be somewhat drying. And, that's how I find it in use. The main fats in a soap are transformed by the saponification process in any event, so although far from a soap expert, I'm not sure whether the main fats starting out as tallow, palm, or coconut, matter as much as the other ingredients that are added in to the product.

Good luck and happy shaving.

To find Canada Shave Soap, which is priced in Canadian $:
It's a small firm, and using Google search I didn't see it just now.

But the web address I used from my archive is: Canada Shaving Soap - Canada Shaving Soap - http://canadashavingsoap.com/product/canada-shaving-soap/

When using PayPal it came up as 25centshave or something like that, but the soap arrived fine. And, with PayPal's buyer protections, I felt comfortable ordering both times.
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I have oily skin, and all the soaps with tons of extra milks, butters and oils left my face feeling like an oil field. It's a bummer in a way since the bases were excellent in slickness and creamy goodness, but I have that in spades with plenty of brands that I love and work much better for my skin. I offloaded a whole bunch of top of the elite tier soaps that had jsut too many ingredients. I know the majority of shavers are after that luxurious post shave, but for me, the elite post shave is feeling clean and smooth with no residue.
Via Barberia is a soap from Omega that leaves my skin feeling clean. The ingredients list Shea butter, but the post feel is clean not greasy. Their Fructi is a citrus forward offering, big puck and value priced. I’m currently using the Aqua. Wilkinson Sword shave stick is another favourite. Straightforward performance, clean, pleasant scent, no slick post feel for me.
I’m surprised nobody has mentioned MWF yet
MWF is one of those that I don't get along with. The lanolin (I think) leaves me with a greasy feeling that lasts for a few hours.

My MWF experience, plus others that have lanolin or other skin conditioners, are the reason why I trend towards soaps that others feel are too drying.
MWF is one of those that I don't get along with. The lanolin (I think) leaves me with a greasy feeling that lasts for a few hours.

My MWF experience, plus others that have lanolin or other skin conditioners, are the reason why I trend towards soaps that others feel are too drying.
I can understand that. With the exception of my nose (which gets really bad) I would classify my skin as just slightly oilier than average but not noticeable to the average person on the street. Lanolin and other like products aren’t too bad on my skin as long as I shave and wash my face well. Another soap I haven’t seen mentioned yet that would meet your criteria is ARKO. I haven’t personally used it but from what I’ve read on here one of the major issues people have with ARKO is that it dries their face out
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