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Not enough laps on strop after crox?

Having done about 5 shaves with the gold dollar, and been very pleased, i thought i'd give it 4-5 laps on the CroOx side, as Ken recommends doing it "every other shave or so".

I then stropped it as normal, but only about 10 laps. I suspect this was not enough, it didnt cut arm hairs as well as before but i still tried to shave with it, and well it was not a nice shave - the blade kept digging into the hairs instead of slicing through.

I then gave the razor a good strop, about 30+ careful laps, after which it seemed to cut the arm hairs much better. Does it sound like I might have fixed it? :thumbup1: I'm a bit scared to shave with it again!

I suppose the question is, can 30 laps on the strop really have such a dramatic effect?

I generally do 25 on cloth and 50 on leather before each shave and haven't been disappointed. To answer your question, yes, proper stropping is absolutely essential to maintaining an edge and can definitely make a big difference if you've neglected it before.

Interesting that Ken recommends using the CrOx for every other shave. In general, CrOx is used when an already shave-ready razor is just beginning to need a touch-up. I have absolutely no room to criticize him as he's very well respected and certainly knows what the hell he's doing, but that's the first time I've heard someone say that.
yeah in the letter that accompanies the razor/strop he recommends 4-5 laps on the Crox every other shave, followed by normal stropping.

Sorry, but Ken does not recommend stropping with the CrOx side for "every other shave" at all. According to the letter I received with my strop Ken writes as follows:

"Filly strops come with the rough side treated with 0.5µ chromium oxide. It is intended for touching up the edge of your razor. When your edge needs a touch up, give it only four or five laps on the chromium oxide before stropping normally."

In other words if you notice the edge going during shaves you should then strop on the CrOx or use a good barber hone for touch up.
I was fairly sure I read it correctly, but checked the letter (that arrived just over a week ago):

"I treated the rough side with .5u diamond paste. About every other shave or so; strop your razor on this rough side four or five laps then strop on the knap side to help you keep the edge in prime shape"
Anyway, unless I wrecked the edge through poor stropping on the rough side, it sounds like the difference between the subsequent 10 laps and 30 laps was quite substantial, meaning I may have underestimated the value of the strop.

I'm hoping that's the case and I guess will find out soon when I shave again :001_smile

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sounds like WAY too frequent on the pastes to me. If youre stropping right then it should be months between pastes, not shaves.

and if youre stropping wrong, then extra crox with that poor technique will make the blade even worse
well, the good news is that the edge seems to be back to it's old self and usable again... phew. surprising, because in addition to the paste last night i dropped the razor when stropping tonight - determined to wreck it lol - lucky it landed on a towel and is OK.

despite all that, it was actually my best straight shave yet.. close to what I can get with the DE in the same number of passes (2).

i suppose this vindicates my stropping technique and I have learnt the value of stropping.

10 shaves in and going strong :thumbup1:

Just figured I'd pop in and back up mark3d, as I've also received Ken's filly strop & GD just this week.

There are two letters included, along with a lifetime hone warranty on the GD.

The first letter contains general instructions on straight shaving, such as "don't shave in the shower", "faucets and sinks are your razors enemy", and "don't try to catch the razor if you drop it, just let it fall". It also says this:
"I treated the rough side with .5 diamond paste. About every other shave or so; strop your razor on this rough side four or five laps then strop on the knap side to help keep the edge in prime shape."

However, on the second letter included, which is strop instructions, here is all that is mentioned regarding the CrOx rough side:
"Filly strops come with the rough side treated with 0.5 chomium oxide. It is intended for touching up the edge of your razor. When your edge needs a touch up, give it only four or five lamps on the chromium oxide before stropping normally."

Congrats on having great shaves so early on, mark. I'm still working on mine! :)
I've found that the crox is good just about every other month, but I rotate about 7 straights right now so that means about every 10 shaves or so. However, no offense to Ken, but I never had great luck with the Filly with crox. I have personally seen Ray-Man's balsa wood work wonders on my edges, however.

Time stored without use is also a variable, I have found, but this can be mitigated by a good oiling between shaves. Anyway, after 10 Cr2O3 passes (haha, the correct chemical verbiage) I then do 50 linen and 50 latigo.
Normal daily stropping i do 30 linen 30 latigo. Sharp as a...well...razor.
I've found that 30 GOOD passes on leather beats 100 lackadaisical ones any day of the week. Quality over quantity, I say.
thanks fellas, definitely learnt from this that good stropping is essential.

Once i stop nicking the filly (I haven't for a few days now..) I will look at getting a new one with linen. and FWIW I am likely to use stones rather than pastes.. plan to get a 12k at some stage. will definitely only sharpen when i feel the need to.

my shaves might not be as good as i suggested - e.g. i shaved last night but dont look entirely clean shaven this morning - definitely noticing improvements though, its less patchy and closer :)

I use the CrOx roughly 4-5 passes once per week of daily use. I read this is an acceptable time. But the gauge of razor losing an edge works best.
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