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Not Blooming AL, Checking In

Hello B&B,

My name is Alan from NE FL and I'm not blooming my soaps. :)

I began DE shaving with a Rockwell 6s back in May of 2020. Before then I shaved with a cartridge razor, in the shower...doing this for decades. My initial reason for switching was to save money. Heh.

Although I've been shaving this way for just over two years, I still consider myself a newbie. This is why I've joined B&B -- to learn how to get better shaves and learn about different products. This place seems to have a lot of nice and helpful people and I hope to, in time, continue this tradition.
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Welcome to B&B.
You really can save money…….IF….. You have the will power not to keep acquiring gear. Having said that do as I say not as I do!
Welcome. Only soaps I bloom are triple milled.
I don't think I've ever tried a triple milled soap. The closest, maybe, was the Pre de Provence No.63. It worked well but I didn't like the fragrance that much. I typically like to start loading my brush somewhat dry adding just enough water to get a paste. Though I just recently began bowl lathering.

Who knows, maybe if I end up using triple milled soaps I will have to change my name.

Thanks for the welcome.
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