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NOS Trac II Cartridges—Wonder who made them

Found these "store brand" twin blade carts cleaning up my MIL’s house: 5CC7954E-5FB4-4E92-BED5-23E17E6F8ADD.jpeg FC3115C5-5E9C-4379-A6B2-847A82F6A324.jpeg

The store being the Navy Exchange. No lube strip, so early 70s? Did Personna make after market carts back then? Platinum Chrome. The Shick twin blades were platinum chrome back then. Hmmm. Can't wait to try one.
The Zip plus 4 was not used until 1983. Nexcom did not move to Virginia Beach until 1993. So these are post-1993.

EDITED to add that these blades are probably made in the mid-1990s. I agree it is likely they were made by Personna. This trade ruling is about Personna using the Blade Made in USA/Assembled in Mexico language. After 1997, these blades were allowed to be marked Made in US, even if still assembled in Mexico with Mexican and USA plastic blade casings and packaging. Customs Ruling NY a89889 - The Country of Origin Marking of Disposable Razors and Razor Cartridges from Mexico; Article 509; NAFTA Marking Rules (Final). - https://www.customsmobile.com/rulings/docview?doc_id=NY%20a89889&highlight=8212%2A
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