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NOS...NWC Injector Blades

There has been some talk as to the ineffectiveness of the NOS blades that people are getting from NWC.

I received the newer blades...however, I was thinking..on the back it has a performance guarantee "Schick Injector is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied, call 1-800-SHAVERS, and Schick will replace it free of charge or refund your full purchase price." So your options would be to return them for new stock or get your money back.

Especially if you placed a large order and felt you were stuck with some crappy blades...

I don't think anyone else has brought this up...
The number still is...just called to check. I know it may be a pain to do this but I feel it is the principal of the situation. If you ordered one or 2 then maybe you would just write it off since it may not be worth your time...but at least it appears you have options.
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