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NOS Med Prep Blade

Old style Personna Medical Prep blade. Note: One side of the blade has glue spots. Blade is marked "Made in USA" on one side blade table and "C 4" on the other side. Have not tried one yet to compare with modern day blade. IMG_1458(ZZ).JPG
Any indication of how old they are? I'm interested in the comparison with the new blade.
Not sure no luck so far dating but believe at least 15+ year range (maybe longer) just based on the label style and the type of print on the blade envelope. I used one for a first shave yesterday with a NEW SC (3 day growth) and it's extremely smooth. No blade feel at all WTG. I'd compare it with an Astra, current day Med Prep or a "Spoiler". Tomorrow will use for shave #2 in a 06 Single Ring.
What you have there is my favourite vintage blade I've ever tried, it's a Personna Super Platinum Chrome blade in generic packaging. They are top notch and far better and smoother than the Personna 74's that everyone raves about in my opinion. As far as dating they are from the mid-late 70's early 80's

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Personna 74 Tungsten Blade Variants
So roughly forty years old. Impressive. I tried doing some research on the company named on the wrapper and wasn't able to find too much that might help to date the blades. A company with that name seems to exist in Texas now, if I remember right. Not sure if they are related or not though.
Made by Dart Industries of Wallingford. I lived Wallingford and the next town over from 1997 to 2018 and never heard of them.
I was more interested in Seamless Hospital Products Company instead of Dart Industries. Dart has been around for a long time, so that information probably wouldn't help very much in dating the blades.
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