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NOS Gillette Thin Blade Red Tuck

Has anyone used this blade resulting in good shaves?
I have an unopened tuck of these blades I got with a vintage Gillette and I'm thinking of trying them.
Or just keep them as a cool collectors item, I don't know.
If it's a very old one (before they started coating the edges) then rest assured it will be by today's standards a rough shave.


I have a few from the '60s that shave quite well. This surprised me since some old Blue Blades were pretty rough. It might be worth trying one. No telling how they were stored. At best they are only good for a couple of uses.
A Kriss-Kross Stropper is a must have if you intend to use these real old blades. Even then, be very careful to get a good soapy lather on. You can get a close shave with these old blades, but it's particularly easy to get some irritation, too.

As for me, I'll use an old blade occasionally, just for the sake of it I guess, but for the most part it's just easier to use new production.
I have few of those tucks I picked up and they have a price of .15 stamped on them for a 4 pack. King Gillette is on the back. I wouldn't shave with them, I like my Feathers.