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FS NOS Boxed Gillette Ball End New Razor & Vintage Gillette/Schick Blades

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This is my final razor/blade thinning sale for what could be a long time so here's your last chance to pick up some amazing items.

First up is a Gillette New razor open comb boxed from the 1930s, from what I can tell it is NOS and has never been used. Comes with its original instruction but they are very fragile and slightly torn from age/storage over the years. The head has some hazing that doesnt show up in the photos. Asking $90 USD shipped USA/Canada. IMG_2431.JPGIMG_2432.JPGIMG_2433.JPG

Second is a Vintage blade lot consisting of: 80 Sealed Gillette Platinum Plus blades from Europe, fantastic blades, sharp and smooth. Two 5 packs of Gillette stainless blades made in Argentina from the late 80s early 90's. 5 Gillette Super Silver blades made in France during the mid 70's. A pack of Gillette Spoilers, not sure if there is 10 in it or not as it was open from the back and sealed with a strip of scotch tape when I bought them years back. 10 Wilkinson Sword Master blades packaged for the Australian market. & finally 10 Wizamet Super Iridiums from the 2011 production run. Asking $90 USD shipped. IMG_2430.JPG

Third is 4 lots of approximately 100 individually wrapped vintage Schick Super Stainless blades from the mid-late 60's. Sharp and smooth, decent longevity. Asking $55 USD shipped per 100.IMG_2435.JPG

Feel free to PM me about anything I'm very easy to deal with.
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For the second lot although there is only 1 pack of the Super Silver Platinum Plus in the photo for a close up shot, there are 16 in total, 80 blades. The entire lot is approximately 125 vintage blades in total for $90 shipped. Just thought I should make that clear.
Gillette New is sold, Gillette lot #2 is sold, and 1 lot of Schicks sold, 3 remain.
Willing to break up the final 3 Schicks into lots of 50 for anyone who is interested in trying but not wanting a full box, just pm me.
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