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North Korea creates new time-zone!

The Hermit Kingdom Korea creates new time-zone
Say what...now that's bizarre?

Choe Sang-Hun - The New York Times - 7 Aug 15

Seoul, South Korea — "North Korea, a hermetic country stuck in the Cold War and obsessed with its long-dead founder,

now wants to turn back time. $North Korea -Time - 1.jpg

By a half-hour.

The government announced on Friday that it would create its own time zone — “Pyongyang time” — and set its clocks 30 minutes behind those of South Korea and Japan. The change is set for Aug. 15, the 70th anniversary ofJapan’s defeat in World War II, which freed the Korean Peninsula from Japanese rule.

The current time on the peninsula — nine hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time — was set by Japan. North Korean public pronouncements can be as virulently anti-Japanese as they are anti-American, so it was natural that the clock change would be billed as throwing off a hated vestige of colonial domination.

“The wicked Japanese imperialists committed such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time,” the North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency said on Friday.

South Korea has its own historical grudges with Japan, but the time of day is not one of them. Jeong Joon-hee, a spokesman for the Unification Ministry in the South, said that following Pyongyang’s lead now would be confusing and expensive for a country that, unlike the North, is thoroughly integrated with the global economy".

Read More: 1. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/08/world/asia/north-korea-time-zone.html?_r=0 2. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/06/10/world/asia/north-korea-photos-video.html

$North Korea -Time.jpg"A person with one watch knows what time it is; a person with two watches is never quite sure". Lee Segall
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I read about that this morning. Seemed really weird until I read this:

The time zone that North Korea plans to use is what a single Korea adopted in 1908, though the peninsula came under the same Japanese zone in 1912, two years after Tokyo's colonial occupation began. After the liberation, North Korea has maintained the current time zone, while South Korea had briefly used the old zone from 1954 to 1961.

Most time zones in the world differ in increments of an hour and only a small number of countries like Iran and Myanmar use zones that are offset by a half-hour.



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The change is set for Aug. 15, the 70th anniversary ofJapan’s defeat in World War II, which freed the Korean Peninsula from Japanese rule.

Still waiting for that thank you card.


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Livin' on pyongyang time, livin' on Pyongyang time
Well, you know I've been through it
When I set my watch back to it
Livin' on Pyongyang time
Clearly, they're out of sync with the rest of the world. Proof right there. :tongue_sm

I think the Native Americans had the best view of how to tell time.

When I began living and working in Indian country, I learned the origin of the phrase “Indian time.” I came to understand that traditionally Indian people were very good students of nature. They studied the seasons and the animals to learn how to live well in their environments. Given this, they learned that it’s important to be patient and to act when circumstances were “ripe” rather than to try and force things to happen when circumstances did not support them. I have come to understand it’s a Western idea that we can control most circumstances and that we should run our lives by the clock and the calendar.

The control we think we have over circumstances is frequently an illusion and can lead to a lot of wasted energy. Much can be gained by watching, listening, waiting and then acting when the time is right. “Indian time” is really about respecting the “timeliness” of an action.

Read the whole article here: http://blog.nativepartnership.org/my-thoughts-on-stereotypes/

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What a stunning propaganda victory for Fearless Leader and his workers utopia! THAT will show those imperialists! Take THAT, Japan!

They could have been a little more original, and set their clocks 33 hours ahead of UTC.
Doesn't matter, They would have to give their citizens access to electricity and clocks to tell time
...and not that big of a deal for tourists really, since they'll need to set their watch back 40 years when they land, what's another 30 minutes?

$North Korea -Time - 2.jpg"...where time really does stand still". CBJ
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No amount of messing around with daylight savings or time zones is going to make these people's days any brighter... when they are so thoroughly used to the darkness of each night.
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