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Noob Review: Saddleback Big Mouth Kit

Back with another Noob Review; been awhile since I did the last one.

Some of you guys know that I’m an OTR truck driver and what that means.

For those of you that don’t it means I’m out on the road 7-10 days minimum and that space in a 90 sq ft truck is always at a premium.

Added to which, I’m 49 and have zero desire to spend money on anything but the best anymore, just where I’m at in my journey.

My last Dopp kit was a freebie with some cologne I’d purchased awhile back. It was fine for the most part but smaller and meant I’d always have to leave something behind.

I’ve thought about a bigger style kit but again, space is at a premium and I don’t go out for weeks at a time, just 7-10 days. I just need the basics.

Enter this thing. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, just loved the look and construction, how heavy duty it seemed to be and the fact that there’s a 100 year warranty didn’t hurt.

Finally caved and ordered one and took it out with me last week.






So as you can see I was able to pack some stuff in there; quite a bit more than I usually take with me in one bag, anyway.

Exterior is top grain cowhide in this awesome coffee color; as you can tell it’s already gotten a few bumps and scrapes. It’s eventually going to end up looking like it’s Indiana Jones’ jacket and I love that; figured on a forum full of guys that love vintage stuff with a patina you would too.

Interior leather is pig skin; much lighter in color, easier to see inside and softer by quite a bit than the exterior.

Thread is UV protected poly, the stuff they use on ship sails, can’t imagine it’s not going to last a good long while too.

Weight empty is 1.8 lbs.

Buckle is 316 steel, that’s not gonna break ever, really.

Opening mechanism feels solid as hell as well. Feels like it’ll last longer than me lol


This thing is super cool looking, built like a tank and feels super solid, with a 100 year warranty I’d guess it would. I feel like I bought the last Dopp kit I’ll ever buy.

Cons: only one really. This thing was $225 shipped, which might put it out of range for some guys just starting or someone that doesn’t need as large of a bag/doesn’t need to carry everything I do for 7-10 days at a time.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m at that point in my journey where I want to buy once and cry once and I’ve been trying to put that philosophy towards everything the last few years.

Guitars and amps, razors, cars.

I want the best that I can get for me, I don’t want to buy something cheaper that’s not really what I need and end up purchasing the thing I originally wanted later on. Seems like that just ends up with me having a bunch of things I don’t really want and a few great things that I do.

Anyway, that’s the end.

If you’re looking for an endgame Dopp kit, check out Saddleback Leather. They do a smaller version of this bag for about $175 if you’re into that too, and there are a range of colors.

They also do duffel bags, luggage, wallets and everything else if you’re interested.

Any questions feel free. Happy shaves guys.


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