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Non-white lather

Have any of you used shaving soaps that produce a lather that is not white or close to white? What soaps were they, and how do you feel about it?

I really like Abbate Y La Mantia soaps and I finally decided to give Crumiro a try. The soap base for this one contains saffron and hazelnut oil, and the hazelnut oil makes the soap a chocolate brown colour. I just used it and it makes a beige lather which made a hell of a mess on my white towel, bathroom counter, and anything else it dripped onto. The soap is meant to smell like Italian crumiri biscuits, which are moustache-shaped and made with butter and vanilla. The hazelnut oil adds a notable Nutella kind of scent to the mix. Sounds nice, which is why I was keen to try it, but with the mess it was making the scent just emphasised the sense that my face and everything around me were smeared with food. I just wanted the shave to end as fast as possible so I could clean it up and put the towel in the laundry. So buy AYLM Fufluns or Laureato or Don José instead - they are all great.

I think I read some of the Meißner Tremonia soaps produce a coloured lather, but I don’t know if it is enough to be messy. Are there others, and are they a problem or not?
I've used a couple that have been on the darker side.....looks weird, but it doesn't bother me.

The soaps I'm referring to are Stirling Haverford and The Club Signature soaps. Both provide an off-white, darker colored lather. Stirling says that Haverford may stain natural hair brushes.....so far I haven't had that problem.
Some Extro Cosmesi soaps produce coloured lather. Bay Rum provides a yellowish lather and I've heard Pirata produces a pink lather. I've found Geo F Trumper Rose cream produces a pinkish lather.


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I had a wonderful pale blue lather from Haslinger's Salbei (sage) that seemed a little odd at first.
Didn't stain any brushes, luckily. There are some soaps out there that will!

Would there be a Cool Factor while shaving under a black light? It could be a new of shaving soaps. Turn on the Dead and let it rip.
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