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Non-new Badger Brush Shredding problem

Hey all,

I’ve got a nice, artisan made Badger brush that’s about 15 months old, and has been used maybe 50-60 times.
I lost a few hairs during the break in, but nothing too concerning. But over the last, maybe, 3 months it’s started to lose 3, 4, I think today was about 7, hairs per shave.
If I look up shedding threads it looks like the typical user loses a hair here or there on a broken in brush, or has a bum knot that loses tons right from the get go.

I’m wondering if I’ve done something to weaken the knots glue and if I can put a halt to the consistent loss of hairs.
For example, about 3-4 months ago I was given some of the Hendrix self scenting shave soap system (adding scented oil cocktails to unscented soap).
I know soaps have their own oil/lubricating components but I also know how oils can creep and linger. Maybe adding literal oils to the brush has loosened things up?

I’m not the gentlest person with my brushes, but I’ve backed off quite a bit since this has become a issue…with no improvement.

I also have given the brush a cider vinegar rinse and scrub to wash it out, and treated it with conditioner as a follow up.

I squeeze gently, flick once, and gently rub on a towel for a few seconds after shaving. It’s left to dry standing on its handle.

Sorry, that’s a lot of info I’d love some opinions or insights into this if it’s not normal hair loss.
Have you tried to wash the brush with shampoo or a brush cleaner, the reason i ask is people only rinse the brush that does not remove the soap residue deep in the knot.
As that is the cause of a brush that starts shedding a few months later, as the Acid or Alkaline rots the Hair at the glue bump hence the reason a brush starts shedding a few months later.

Even dish soap works wonders to clean a brush, give it a try and then post 2 weeks time after doing this. You will see the shedding has stopped and you will be a happy camper and in love with the brush again.

As this is the same for every natural shaving brush, as the residue rots the hair if not washed out. The same reason you have to wash the sink out, because you cannot remove the residue left in the sink with just water
Looks like you tried the vinegar treatment already. I try to do that to all of my brushes once every few months, and try to comb them out a little more frequently. Perhaps try it again?

I've heard of people using clarifying shampoo, which is another option to try if you want. I don't have experience with that method though.

Is it your only brush? Some say to have at least a 2nd brush in your rotation to let it fully dry between use. Unsure if this entirely matters though.

Food for thought- my dad never rinses out his brush and leaves it soapy in his bowl, and really only uses one. Hasn't had any issues yet, and claims that's how it always was growing up.


I Waxed The Badger.
It sounds like whatever glue was used in the knot might be failing or are the fibers breaking above the knot. If you bought it first hand the artisan may be of some help or offer advice.
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