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NomadicDave's Shaving Journey

Head Shave

Razor - WSC Winning Razor - This one is a keeper.

Brush - Mozingo ZT3 - It performed well.

Soap - Blue Samhain - Back at it!

I need more time with this brush. I like that it is natural hair and dense. But it's not super soft maybe its loft was set too low. It is different than my other brushes. When using it I don't feel individual hairs like in other brushes but more a single mass flowing over my skin. For now, it stays and I need to put more time into it.

Face Shave

Razor - WSC Winning Razor - This razor is smooth and efficient and was around $50. It's insane how good it is.

Brush - Trotter & TNS L3 Knot - I love this brush!!! The handle fits great in the hand and is gorgeous. The knot is fantastic as it dense yet soft.

Soap - Blue Samhain - Closer to the graveyard.

Great shave and I really love this razor and brush.

Head Shave

Razor - WSC Winning Razor - This is a keeper

Brush - HOM Smash V&C VC01 - 5th use and it's starting to soften up

Soap - Blue Samhain - Still good

This is the 5th use for my VC01 3 band badger brush. It's finally starting to soften up. I'm thinking around the 15th use it will be more to my liking. No picture tonight.
Face Shave

Razor - 1966 Gillette Slim - It was smooth on setting 4 and 3. Wish it was a bit more efficient though.

Brush - Grizzly Bay Wonder V17 & Mozingo ZT3 - Did a battle royale.

Soap - B&M Leviathan - This was a great scent, stupid slick, and was free.

This was a great shave. I did not think I would like the soap based on the scent off the puck. But once lathered up it was beautiful and I might need to buy the matching splash. The ZT3 won this one as the V17 had issues loading and was a bit floppy. It was its second use so it needs to break in still. But man is it a beautiful brush! It is gelly and it's why it had trouble loading the soap. The soap paired perfectly with Dark Fall by DG.

Head Shave

Razor - PAA Copper Doc - Not bad but it seemed to miss spots, probably more the 4th use blades fault.

Brush - Trotter T1 Dalieque - This brush is just stunning and these pictures don't capture it at all. It performed very well on the first use.

Soap - Cattie Bubbles Tactical Support - Wow, this is a really good scent.

I was impressed with the scent of this soap. I have not used CB in a few years. It's still a great base as I remember. I'm very happy with this brush so far! This shave I can feel missed spots even though I did two passes. I'm chalking it up to four uses on the Astra SP blade.

Face Shave

Razor - 1930s Gillette New - My best vintage razor hands down! This one stays.

Brush - Trotter “Daliesque” T1 - This brush is getting better with each use.

Soap - SW Carmilla - I love this scent! It's discontinued but I just picked up a few more tubs.

SW has a beautiful soap base and this scent is addictive. The T1 performed marvelously. This razor is my best-performing vintage razor hands down.
Face Shave

Razor - WSC Winning Razor - A top 3 razor in my Den

Brush - Mozingo ZT3 - I love this brush a little more with each use. I love how dense it is and man the hair in it is very natural and super soft. I was not sure if it was 26mm or 28mm. But today I received my second ZT3 and it looks a bit bigger than this one so I can now assume this one is 26mm.

Soap - HOM SMASH - I love this scent and it puts a smile on my face. HOM is a artisan that will stay in my rotation.

Overall it was a great shave. This ZT3 is really growing on me. While the handle is not insanely unique I like it. I'll be on the watch for a ZT3 that has a nicer handle now that I know I really enjoy this brush. My second ZT3 arrived today and it looks to be a 28mm. As it's bigger than this one. Both look bigger than their size because of how dense they are and how the brush has a lovely fan bloom.

Head Shave

Razor - WSC Winning Razor - Still loving it

Brush - TNS M2 - Another new acquisition that I received today.

Soap - Macduff's Bad Santa - OMG this is a BANGER scent!!!

So I received a few brushes and soaps today in the mail. This TNS M2 is dense and luxurious, I freaking love it!!! The handle on it is ok but I love the design of this handle. It's dense yet loads and releases soap very easily. After having the M1 I knew I had to try an M2 if I saw one come up. Well, this one did so I bought it. This soap is freaking epic. I love Macduff's soap base and this scent is a must-have. So far I have Haunted Cabin and Autumn Cabin, both bangers. I have a backup puck for the haunted cabin and need to get one for the autumn cabin. Today I also received Christmas Cabin and it also looks to be a banger.

When I find a scent I love as long as the soap base is good I like to buy backups if it's seasonal. Not sure I would really need it seeing I have roughly 35 soaps now so to kill a tub I would have to use it straight every day. Will see if I need the backups this year going forward. If so than I know for now one buy two. The splashes look like one bottle would last two pucks of soap.

Face Shave

Razor - Blackbird Ti - Great razor I did cut myself today. But that was my fault. This razor has a good amount of blade feel yet is still very smooth.

Brush - DG Blood of Kings 2.0 B9A+ - This is a new brush that I just added to the den. It's gelly but I guess that is what the "+" is for. Because my B9A Fae is not gelly at all. It's incredibly stunning and seems like a pretty sought-after pour. Very happy to have got a great deal and added it to my den.

Soap - Hoffman's Evil Pumpkin - Love this scent, it might just be my number one pumpkin scent. Put it this way I bought two backup pucks and a backup splash, yeah it's that good.

Great shave this morning. Love the new BOK B9A+ brush and it was really fun using it. I need to get a bit better with itas today was my first use of it. All of this gear stays in the den.

Face Shave

Razor - WSC Winning Razor - Still great shaver

Brus - Trotter Daliesque T1 - Roughly 3rd use, still breaking in nicely. I wish the bloom was a bit bigger on it.

Soap - Hoffmans Rio Grande - Great whisky scent with a woodsy tone to it. Easy to lather and slick.

Great shave overall. Only wish the T1 was a bit bigger. Now having most of my bushes to be 28mm and bigger a 26mm feels small.

Head Shave

Razor - Masamune - Great performer.

Brush - Grizzly Bay Heavy Metal with a Boti NC Knot - I put this knot in myself and lofted it too high. Took the knot out and might send this handle in for a knotting service.

Brush 2 - DG Sonder B13 - My first time using a B13. Was a bit less backbone than I would have expected. Not sure I'm in love with B13 yet. Love this handle on it though.

Soap - HOM Santa Noir - I missed the drop and bought this on the used market. Banger scent.

Great shave the Heavy Metal handle needs to be sent for a knot or sold. Love the B13 colorway on this handle. As it is different than most handles out there, especially for DG. The B13 knots I'm not sure are up my alley yet. I have two B13's and one on the way. So I might end up selling one or two of them. I need more time with this batch.

Face Shave

Razor - Henson - Love how light and smooth this razor is. It's not efficient because it is so mild. Still a keeper.

Brush - TNS Pastel L4 Hybrid - I bought this brand new from TNS. I went hybrid for fear of the batch 4 hair would not have enough backbone. I kind of wish it blossomed better. But this is its 2nd use.

An overall good shave. I now know that I love TNS and Mozingo's work because of the density, softness, and how big they splay. I'm not sure about this hybrid yet. It's 28mm but it's smaller than my DG 28mm brushes. It's also smaller than my 28mm H4 Hybrid that I bought used but was never used by the previous owner.

Head Shave

Razor - Henson - Love this razor for a quick no fuss shave

Brush - TNS Pastel L4 Hybrid - Still breaking it in and I think this is roughly 3rd use.

Soap - Macduff's Bad Santa - Great soap base and scent!

Another great shave in the books last night. Breaking this L4 in. It finally started to bloom a bit more last night.
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