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NOCvember 2022 - Let’s put our safety bars on for Non Open Comb November


Back in the razor drawer after a 4 year hiatus, the FaTip Gentile!
Final NOCvember 2022 SOTD

Brush: Shavemac Silvertip 2-Band 20/46
Soap: Canada
Razor: Gillette Flat Bottom Tech GT
Blade: Gillette 7o'clock Ninja (4)
ASL: Caffè Latte [home brew]

An excellent shave. :biggrin:
My five day mini beard was demolished easily by my trusty FBT, with the help of his ever-reliable team mates. :001_wub:

A big THANK YOU to Guido for dreaming up and hosting the first ever NOCvember! :ouch1:
It's been fun and I've been enjoying the thread (even on my lazy slob [non-shaving] days)... so thank you to all the participants too. :001_cool:

Happy shaves guys. :cornut:

Winter Week / NOCvember

Pre: P.A.A. Cube 2.0 w/ Cube Dock

Razor: T.R. Cadman & Sons "Bengall"
Razor: Blackland Dart
Blade: Astra Superior Platinum

Soap: Wholly Kaw La Superieure Dulci Tobacco
Brush: Vikings Blade White Knight
Bowl: Bluff Cove Pottery

Post 1: P.A.A. Alum No-Slip Grip System w/ Dry Dock System
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Musk
Post 3: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra-Dry w/ Hyaluronic Acid

After a one shave break to fly solo with the Dart, I'm back at it with the Bengall. I just can't resist challenging myself and wanting to master the skill of straights.

For today's shave I went with Wholly Kaw's Dulci Tobacco. This was my first time ever using a Wholly Kaw product. With my (fairly) new found love for tobacco scents this soap was an easy choice.

Right off the bat, I have to say this soap is amazing! With the lid off the jar it filled my bathroom with a beautifully creamy tobacco scent. Immediately I was a fan of the scent. The consistency was also noteworthy as well. It's very much a croap and is softer than any other soap I have.

I bowl lathered with my White Knight (synthetic). Since the soap was so soft my brush just gobbled it up. I was afraid I didn't use enough but to my surprise as I shaved, this soap kept pouring lather out of my brush.

I was enjoying this shave so much I think I did like a six-pass shave. Haha.

I did two with-the-grain passes with the Bengall and my first ever across the grain pass with it as well. I then switched over to the Dart for the remaining passes and like I said, the Wholly Kaw soap continued to provide lather for my face.

The Dart was just a pure joy to use. With this second use, I really got it dialed it. I'm honestly in love with this razor. It requires a light touch but is just oh so good! It's beautifully efficient.

I topped things off with some Aqua Velva Musk aftershave and then called it. All things considered, today's shave was perfect. A 10 / 10.

Alright gentlemen, there you have it. Stay safe, stay warm and shave on!

Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.

Razor: Gillette Slim Twist
Blade: Wilkinson Sword (1)
Soap: Stirling Sharp Dressed Man
Brush: Yaqi Black Ferrari

Tonight to finish NOCvember I decided on the Gillette Slim Twist, the model used by my father for so many years with the Wilkinson Sword blade his goto blade. If I had thought about it today I should have got out my old no name boar brush and got myself a tube of Palmolive cream just to make it more like my dad's shave. I picked Sharp Dressed Man lathered with the black Ferrari brush.
The shave showed that this razor makes you feel like there is a whole lot of blade. The result was closer to a DFS than the feel of the shave would imply. A final spritz of Blue Stratos my father's favourite aftershave back in the day completed the shave


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Last Night of NOCvember

Tonight’s luxury shave
RazoRock “German” 37
Shark Platinum (3)
Damp washcloth aka “shave binky”
AP ShaveCo Cashmere 30mm synthetic brush
Pre-shave: hot shower
Lather: Canada Shaving Soap, face-lathered
Post-shave: face wash with shave binky
Post-shave: dimethicone/glycerin/water lotion

It wasn’t my best shave, but I still enjoyed the heck out of it. Such an idiot-resistant razor and blade combination.

Thank you, @Guido75 ! This was a fun event.


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Last Day of NOCvember 2022

Razor: @Blackland Razors Ti Blackbird (@Rosseforp GTC 25g Handle)
Blade: Perma-Sharp (3)
Brush: Shavemac Synthetic Fan
Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper
Lather: Martin de Candre Nature
Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal
Fragrance: Belcam G2bu EdT Spray

Last Day of NOCvember 2022. Huge thanks to @Guido75 for running this wonderful challenge! Hope to see you all next year for NOCvember 2023! :) :cool:

Superb 💯 shave! :cool:

Please check out full notes on my shaves plus comments, rankings and other stuff in my Journal: never-stop-learning's Quest for Knowledge - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/never-stop-learnings-quest-for-knowledge.611194/post-12030948
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